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Crazy for Cardigan Clips!

My first pair of cardigan clips were purchased from a vendor at Viva Las Vegas in 2013. I saw them on a display mannequin and didn’t quite know what they were for exactly but knew I needed them!

I love adding them to outfits for a extra touch and they don’t even need to be on a cardigan- recently I’ve been attaching them to the collar of my blouse and it really gives the looks some extra pizzaz. Get creative with how you wear them and definitely search eBay and Etsy for one of a kind gems.

Cardigan Clips

Whenever I wear them, I get questions about what they are called or where to find similar ones. I call mine ‘Cardigan Clips’ but I think they can also be called ‘Sweater Clips’ (which seems to get more results in search engines) or ‘Sweater Guards’.

If you are looking for vintage Cardigan Clips, Etsy and eBay are your best friends as well as any local vintage shops. There are also a number of great places to find reproduction styles too so I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourites.


Cardigan Clip

FromĀ ‘stickylipgloss’ on Etsy- US$25

Cardigan Clips

From ‘hisandhervintage’ on Etsy- US$16

Sweater Clips

From ‘LovelyLinensAndMore’ on Etsy – US$16

Cardigan clips

From ‘LikewiseVintage‘ on Etsy- US$20

Sweater Clips

From ‘PandPF‘ on Etsy- US$12.50

Also make sure you search for ‘Sweater Clips’ on eBay for more than 500 vintage listings.



‘Freshen Up’ from Erstwilder – AU$34.95

Cardigan Clips

Swallow Cardigan Clips from Jubly-Umph- AU$24.95


Strawberry Sweater Chain from Modernsparkles on Etsy- US$19.99

Sweater clips

Flower Cluster Sweater Clips from FoxgloveFawnlily on Etsy- US$16

cardigan clips

Bee Collar Clips from ClipArtIRL on Etsy- US$14


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  1. Fantastic article! I only have one set of sweater clips so far and I always adore seeing yours on you! I must get some more. Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. I just realized, I have a Daisy Mae and Li’l Abner brooch where the two of them are chained together. That could work like your Erstwilder Freshen Up Brooch! Thank for the great idea!

  3. […] These cardigans really do lend themselves well to pairing with a blouse underneath. The Hollywood Boulevard Blouse in Wine was a great match for the Burgandy of the Ice Skater Cardigan and I love the little peek of the collar. I know that cardigan clips are technically for when you are wearing your cardigan open, but I think they work so well clipped to the collar like I have in these photos. This pair I found on Etsy, you can read my blog post all about cardigan clips here. […]

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