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Murad Skincare | REVIEW

Just a word of warning: This is going to be a lengthy post! I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now, but I wanted to ensure I waited long enough to really know how Murad Skincare works with my skin and not jump the gun […]

Velvet Pleated Calot | VINTAGE DAMES

When I go into a vintage store, sometimes I get completely overwhelmed by the volume of clothing all smashed together in a sometimes not-so-orderly fashion. So typically, my favourite things to look at are those that are usually displayed better- gloves, jewellery and HATS. Vintage hats and fascinators […]


November was such a busy month as I was travelling and doing workshops for most of it – I didn’t always have the time to take OOTD photos OR I was just wearing the same thing as what I wore 3 days earlier… #travellingreality. So I decided to […]


Without further ado, here’s my 4th annual ‘My Year in Outfits’ post – a complete round up of all my OOTD posts from 2017! Happy New Year and all the best for 2018 x Want to see my previous ‘My Year in Outfits’  posts and see how my […]

Satin Indulgence | WHAT KATIE DID

I’ll tell it to you straight – I am a big lover of cosy pajamas and fluffy dressing gowns, especially in the depths of the dark winter. BUT, I also love to have a little collection of slightly more sophisticated and glamourous loungewear for when you are wanting […]

Beauty LOVE & HATE List

I’ve got a new YouTube Video for you and it’s something I haven’t done before! In the video, I share with you my current top three LOVES and HATES… because we all know that there are just some times that a new product just doesn’t cut the mustard. […]