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Our Wedding Video!

Hard to believe it’s been over 7 months now since Matt and I got married! This year is flying by and our focus since the wedding has been saving for our big 6-week long, round the world honeymoon in March 2015! I am so excited to be able […]

A Very Vintage Wedding Dress- Part Three

This is the final part in the Vintage Wedding Dress series. Make sure you catch up on Part One and Part Two! Today I’m focussing more on the readily accessible, budget friendly dresses that are available from popular vintage reproduction websites. There are numerous, vintage reproduction brands out […]

Our Wedding: Part 4… The Reception!

In Part 3 of my wedding post series, we finished up at the cocktail hour after the ceremony and group photos. Next was the dinner/reception in the gorgeous homestead! But first, Caron whipped Matt and I away for 15 minutes for a few more photos behind the barn now that […]

Our Wedding: Part 3… The Ceremony!

I’ve already done posts on Getting Ready and the ‘First Look’ and bridal party photos… now onto the Ceremony! The Ceremony was due to start at 3.30pm so at about 3pm the boys headed to the church and my bridesmaids, Father and I hung out in the parlour room […]