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How To Tie A Vintage Hairscarf

One of the first vintage hairstyles I taught myself was the beehive & hair scarf look! It’s a great style for when you hair needs a wash, you don’t want to spend too much time on it or you’ve got a bright coloured scarf to match your outfit! […]

Simple Hollywood Waves

There’s nothing like working at a busy salon to make you try new, quick and easy ways to do vintage hair! A lot of vintage styles can be quite time consuming but I’ve come up with a couple of great looks that work really well on my clients […]

Beginner Contouring

One makeup trend that seems to be popular at the moment is contouring! If you are on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen crazy looking photos like this around… This seems like a extreme way to contour and for anyone who isn’t 100% confident with makeup, rather daunting! I […]

ChiChi Glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to makeup, I believe that there are some things that are worth spending more money on and some things that you can get away with buying budget brands. I’ll always use high quality primers, foundations and face powders but just about everything else, I don’t […]