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Satin Indulgence | WHAT KATIE DID

I’ll tell it to you straight – I am a big lover of cosy pajamas and fluffy dressing gowns, especially in the depths of the dark winter. BUT, I also love to have a little collection of slightly more sophisticated and glamourous loungewear for when you are wanting […]


It seems that Australia is full of creative individuals and small businesses that provide unique, locally made designs! Sarsparilly is one of these wonderful brands – I’ve done one previous review of their Mermaid Song Dress but this time we’ve also teamed up with M Dreams to put […]

Estello Swing Dress | STOP STARING

A gal can never own too much leopard print, right? I certainly agree with this sentiment and I’m absolutely in love with my latest leopard addition. The Estello Swing Dress in Leopard by Stop Staring Clothing is part of their latest season range. It is made out of […]

The Zoe Dress | STOP STARING

Everyone has that style of dress that’s their favourite, that they automatically go for, and for me, it’s a full skirted swing dress. But sometimes you can end up staying too much in your comfort zone for too long and I definitely think that happened to me in […]

Revival Retro Love List | NOVEMBER

Another month, another Revival Retro Love List! This time, I’ve focussed on the looming Christmas and holiday season and one of my favourite things – ACCESSORIES! The way that you accessorize a dress can really change up the entire vibe. You can take a simple dress from daywear […]

Revival Retro Love List | OCTOBER

I don’t know about where you are, but here in London, summer is starting to feel like a bit of a distant memory. The days are darkening, the temperatures dropping and I find myself using the word ‘gloomy’ a little too often. But really, I can’t complain too […]