Category: Pinup Fashion

Isabelle Dress by Zoe Vine

It might still be cold and wet here in the UK but signs of spring are making themselves known. The ground is beginning to sprout colourful flowers, the daffodils are bright and the blossoms are already blooming. One of my favourite dresses from last summer was the beautiful […]

Revival Retro Love List | March

Since moving to London, I’ve become more and more involved with the wonderful Revival Retro in the heart of the city, holding my Perfect Your Pinup event and vintage styling on weekends. With the vintage reproduction business very much commanding a online presence, Revival Retro maintains the fabulous […]

A Vintage Girls Winter Essentials

Since moving to London and facing a true winter (well compared to Auckland anyway!), I’ve had to really adapt my style to suit the colder temperatures! Where I’m from in New Zealand, it doesn’t get super cold in winter, the lowest average being 11 degrees (celsius) in the […]

Erstwilder Ocean Vibes

It’s that time again… new Erstwilder time! I was particularly excited about the launch of the Ocean Vibes collection as I’ve always loved the sea. Growing up in New Zealand, you are never far from a beach and up until I was age 11, my Grandfather owned a […]

1940s House of Foxy

I’ve been following The House of Foxy and their beautiful designs for many years now, even from back when they were called 20th Century Foxy. I’ve always loved how their focus is more of the true reproduction vintage and that they offer so many lovely 30s and 40s […]

The Haku Boots

Having come from a city that experiences reasonably mild winters, I’ve managed to so far avoid wearing boots with my vintage attire. It’s just something that I’ve never really liked the idea of! But, the English winter has meant that I’ve had to get over my aversion and […]

What Katie Did Glamour Seamed Stockings

As a gal with rather well-endowed thighs, wearing stockings or even pantyshose has never been straightforward. All too often I’ll buy pantyhose or tights and they just won’t come up high enough or get over the biggest part of my thighs. And I’ve wasted countless dollars on stockings […]