Category: Miss Candyfloss

The Venus-Cathy Dress

I’ve developed a little bit of a obsession with anything with embroidery on it. I just adore running my hands over it and feeling those smooth textured bumps. Plus, most embroidery on vintage tends to be floral and we all know how I feel about that! Most of […]

The Idda Tartan Dress

With my love for tartan and plaid now well and truly entrenched in my wardrobe, I was so excited to add the very welcome addition of the Idda Tartan Dress by Miss Candyfloss. Born out of a collaboration between the undeniable beauty and style icon that is Idda […]

Powder Blue Miss Candyfloss

Growing up as a child, blue was always my favourite colour- I wore it whenever I had the chance and always dreamt of painting my bedroom wall blue. In recent years, I’ve discovered that I love ALL THE COLOURS and wear anything I think I can get away […]

Strawberry Delight in Miss Candyfloss

Miss Candyfloss is currently one of my favourite websites and I’m building up quite a collection of gorgeous dresses from them. The Jenilee-Lee Strawberry BlouseĀ and Brisa-Rose Stretch Skirt are a adorable duo together and something a little different from the more muted tones featured in the rest of […]

The Gigi Jumpsuit by Miss Candyfloss

I’ve said it before… pants can terrify me. You know what terrifies me even more? Jumpsuits. Being quite pear shaped, they scare me because of the likelihood that they won’t even remotely fit well. However, despite being all this, I still couldn’t help but want to try the […]

The Odette Dress by Miss Candyfloss

It’s amazing how many vintage reproduction or retro inspired brands there are across the globe! When I first started ordering online from retro inspired brands back in 2011 (ish), I was like a drug addict… finding a new website bought such a thrill and Miss Candyfloss in Sweden […]