Category: Tops and Bottoms

The Gigi Jumpsuit by Miss Candyfloss

I’ve said it before… pants can terrify me. You know what terrifies me even more? Jumpsuits. Being quite pear shaped, they scare me because of the likelihood that they won’t even remotely fit well. However, despite being all this, I still couldn’t help but want to try the […]

Susie Q + Twirly Swirly

Recently I have been really gravitating towards the 1940s style after years of being very much focussed on the 50s. Don’t worry, my love for bright floral swing skirts will continue, but every once and a while I crave the sophistication and elegance that 40s attire can bring, […]

Fables By Barrie Scarlett Bustier

If you are anything like me, you have a multitude of items you have admired online for months or even YEARS but never ended up ordering. Sometimes it’s concern about how it’s going to fit, sometimes it’s just that it’s a new brand you’ve never bought from before […]

Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top

I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top. Finally I feel like I’ve found a great everyday top that comes in a multitude of colours. As much as I love my Voodoo Vixen and Vamp Tops, they are a little too booby for […]

The Oblong Box Shop Puffer Fish Skirt

I love discovering new smaller brands and The Oblong Box Shop is one that has really taken off recently. They have a range of skirts that are fun and unique and help them (and whoever’s wearing their skirts!) stand out in a crowd! When I visited The Oblong […]

Powderpuff Boutique Kelly Skirt

I have recently rediscovered my love for separates and I can’t get enough of swing skirts! Most of the swing skirts in my wardrobe are more for day to day wear and there was a serious lack of skirts suited to evening looks. Not to worry though, The […]

Vintage Bustier by Pinup Girl Clothing

The Pinup Girl Clothing Vintage Bustiers have been around for some time now and recently they have been releasing a range of bright summer solids like yellow, green and a bright blue. I never had much cause to purchase one as I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to […]

Pink Lemonade Retroversible Skirt

I’ve always thought reversible skirts were a brilliant idea, especially retro swing skirts! There’s not many around (the only other one I know of is the Glamour Bunny taffeta one) but I was excited to try the Pink Lemonade Retroversible Skirt from Julie Mollo! I tend to go […]

Lady K Loves: Hug Me Baby Jeans

If you’ve been following my antics for a while, you’ll no doubt have noticed that swing styles are my go-to for getting dressed up or even casual wear. I’d always fantasised about the perfect pair of jeans that I could wear on weekends or for a more casual […]