All Women Are Beautiful

In the last few months, I have become increasingly aware of the old ‘skinny vs. curvy’ debate. It’s really great to see more and more acceptance for girls who aren’t a ‘perfect’ size 2 and are considered curvy and plus size. What is not great to see, is […]

A Spring Fling With Harley

The Pinup Girl Clothing Harley Dress is one of those dresses I admired but was always scared of how it might look on me! The issue with having to wear a strapless bra always put me off as high necklines and less than perky bosoms is not a […]

Ask Miss Victory Violet- Stockings

Dear Miss Victory Violet, Your legs always look really great! Even when you are wearing nylons, you cannot tell that you are actually wearing nylons! What brand do you usually wear? (maybe you could do a small segment on the various hosiery you wear for various occasions?) Many […]

Clip-in Bettie Bangs!

Last week I debuted my new clip-in Bettie Page Bangs. Since then, I have been inundated with questions about where others could get them! I bought mine from and local hairdressing supplies shop called Hairquip but for those who don’t live in Auckland here’s some info for you […]