Treasure Hunt!

Do you ever find yourself lost in the depths of the Internet, hunting down something that feels like a mythical creature that doesn’t exist? That’s exactly  how I’ve been feeling the last few hours!

I have been searching and searching for a fan lace corset and they are proving rather elusive!


The pulley system was developed in the Victorian Era as a way for women to be able easily lace themselves up without assistance. The appeal of these styles for me is the ability to cinch the waist more than a fixed size girdle. Because I have a 15″ difference between my waist and hips, it’s quite difficult to find shape wear that fits perfectly!

Cortland Girdle from Orchard Corset

So after much searching on and, I still have not found anything in my size! I have, however, found a few modern reproductions. has this lace up cinching girdle-

There are also a few custom-made ones on but the prices start at around $300 and go up above $700! A little over my price range…

And so the treasure hunt continues. I am hoping that one of the Facebook vintage swap/sell pages might provide some leads. I will update you if I find anything!


x Miss Victory Violet




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