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Pinup Perfect Base

The key to any makeup look is a good base, especially with the pinup look. I’ve tried lots of different combinations of primers/liquid foundations/powder foundations and think I’ve found the perfect one (for my skin anyway).

I love a matte finish to my foundation but as I am prone to oily skin, I’ve found this a hard thing to achieve – or at least a result that can last the day!

Here’s my winning combination –

MAC Matte Gel and MAC Prep and Prime- mixed together 50:50

I’ve only recently discovered the Matte Gel and I don’t think I could live without it! It makes your skin feel so velvety and smooth and keeps the shine away all day! I’ve tried it on its own as a all over primer and it’s just a little too dry so I mix it with the Prep and Prime Primer. If you have dry skin, the Matte gel might not work for you, or you might just want to add it to just the T-section or any areas that are prone to getting oily.

MAC Matchmaster Liquid and MAC Studio Fix Powder

The Matchmaster Liquid is another product I’ve discovered only recently. It goes on nicely, I like to use my fingers to warm it up and help it go on smoother and blend well. I use just a small amount for light coverage but you can build it up thicker if desired.
It has a matte finish, absorbs excess oils and has SPF15.

The Studio Fix Powder has been a favourite of mine for years and I’m not going to be switching anytime soon! I buff on a small amount after using the Matchmaster Liquid as a setting powder. Once again, a very matte finish and can be used a sparingly or built up for full coverage.


A still very matte finish after over 9 hours of wear and a pretty warm day! The only thing I touched up was my lippy!

These products will not work for everyone but hopefully it will help with ideas of what products you can use together. Most makeup counters should give out samples on request and I highly recommend trying different products

Any further questions, just ask!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tip! I’m a pretty greasy gal and have tried several primers, but none have done the trick. My skincare is helping but it’s early days yet. (Just voted for you in the comp, good luck!)

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