Easy Halterneck Conversion!

I’ve usually always avoided halterneck dresses as they put lots of pressure on the neck and shoulders. I am prone to these muscles getting tense since hairdressing requires my arms to go up and down constantly.

But when Pinup Girl Clothing bought out the new version on the Ginger Dress with the fabulous floral prints, I couldn’t resist giving them a go.


Instead of spending money on converting the halterneck straps to regular ones, I found a easy solution to the problem- crossing them over at the back and tieing them at the front!


It needs to be adjusted every once and while as the straps work their way towards the neck but it’s a pretty easy solution! It also gives me the option to wear it as a halterneck when I’m not and work not worried about getting sore.


This technique probably works best with busy prints as you can’t really see that it’s tied at the front. But give it a go if you are like me and find halters a hassle!

x Miss Victory Violet

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