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Hair Tutorial: Beehive and Bumper Bangs!

After filming this footage back in January and having major problems with the audio being out of sync (iMovie is the devil!), my videographer friend Kirsten kindly offered to edit it for me and here it is!

The Beehive and Bumper Bangs look is quite simple once you get the hang of it. It’s usually a style that I do a day or two after washing it as it’s easier to get the height in the beehive when the hair is a bit dirty.

Vintage nylon scarf purchased on Etsy

Vintage nylon scarf purchased on Etsy

You will need a few things to achieve this look-

-Hairspray- I use Davines No.7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer which is being fazed out unfortunately for me! It’s my all time favourite!

-Fine tooth tail comb

-Postiche Brush

-Bobby Pins

-U shaped pins

-Slide Comb

-Hair rat to match your hair colour as close as possible

-Square Nylon or Chiffon Headscarf


You can find nylon headscarves at Pinup Girl Clothing, Rita Sue Clothing, the Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop on Facebook and you can usually find some awesome bulk scarf listings on eBay and Etsy!

I hope my tutorial makes sense and is easy to follow! Please just ask if you are having trouble and need something explained more!

x Miss Victory Violet

Beehive and Bumper Bangs

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    • I’ve got better at it now and dont use padding! But if you save the hair from your brush like they did back in the day, after a few weeks or months you’ll have enough to create a hair rat that’s made out of your own hair! X

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