Miss Pinup New Zealand- The Competition

In my  previous post, I talked about my journey to the Miss Pinup New Zealand competition. Now let’s get to the details of the day!

The competition had 4 sections- A Gown Parade, 2 Minute Talent, Beachwear or Lingerie and a random question.


The Gown Parade 

For this section, we had to walk out  on stage, downs 3 stairs (terrifying!) and do 3 poses in front of the judges.

We could wear either a day dress or a evening dress but there was no way I was doing anything but evening! I love glamour! I came up with a rough design of the dress and went to a local dressmaker Judy Moughton to work her magic!

I knew I wanted it to be a emerald green sparkle lurex with a train (because trains are fabulous!) and a 40s neckline. I accessorised with my Nanas opera gloves, sparkly  jewels and black patent evening bag and shoes. Gown Parade

It was very special to me to wear Nanas gloves and I also used her vintage fur and evening bag in the talent section. She passed away 3 years ago and would have absolutely loved being there and times like this, I miss her immensely . Sorry the photos aren’t very clear but I promise there will be better ones soon! 😉



The 2 Minute Talent

This was the most stressful part! I knew I wanted to do a hair tutorial but wanted to make sure it was entertaining for everyone watching, including those who were not interested in hair! Also doing a victory roll tutorial in 2 mins was no easy feat! I am very proud that I pulled it off! The final skit was called ‘Ask Miss Victory Violet’ and was meant to be a weekly segment on the television in the 1940s.

Talent section

I started the skit off in a Betty Blues Loungewear leopard print 40s style dressing gown from Sweet Pins and red marabou kitten heel slippers. Towards the end of the skit once I had done the victory rolls, I change my shoes to evening heels, take the dressing gown off to reveal the red Monica Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and put on my fur and evening bag. I really wanted a exciting finale and a reason for my character to be leaving the stage. You can watch the full skit in the video posted at the end of this blog.


Beachwear or Lingerie-

After thinking I would do lingerie initially, I decide to go for beachwear so that I was show the judges a diverse range of styles. I figured that lingerie and my dressing gown from the talent section were a little too similar. However, I wanted to stand out and do something other than a swimsuit or bikini so I hunted for a 40s style playsuit.

I came across Inspired By Vintage Custom Clothing by Jackie on Facebook and ordered a 3 piece playsuit from her. I took inspiration from Carmen Miranda for this look and had a custom made head piece made by the fabulous Sarah from Mean Streak Vintage . Sarah is amazing, I sent her my rough idea and colours that needed to be included and she nailed it! Not to over-whelming but big enough to be a statement! Mean Streak Vintage

The shoes I got from Pinup Girl Clothing but ended up modifying them. The colours of the original flowers didn’t match and the flying pig on the top just didn’t work… Luckily Sarah from Mean Streak Vintage had some fruit and flowers and with a hot melt glue gun in hand, I transformed them to suit the outfit perfectly!

Carmen Miranda shoes The left shoe is the modified version, the right is the original. I also used shoe paint to paint the canvas on the straps a more orange colour to match the colours of the playsuit, although I hadn’t done that when I took the above photo. The final accessory was some yellow and orange bangles from Rita Sue Clothing and wooden bangles from Buana Satu on K’rd.

Beach wear section

The end result came together really well and I can’t wait to organise a tiki themed shoot and get some decent photos!


The Random Question!-

After the first three rounds, judges picked the top 4 to come back out and answer a random question… SCARY! For this section I wanted to wear something that was my usual style, what everyone knows that I love- Floral Swing Dresses! Vivien of Holloway  very kindly sent me the gorgeous Grace dress to wear for this and I accessorized with their purple petticoat, white shoes and purple headscarf. Keep an eye out for a upcoming blog post about the Vivien of Holloway Grace Dress soon. Random Question   You’ll have to watch the video below to hear my Q&A. It wasn’t a easy one and I kinda felt like I babbled but hey, the judges must have liked it 😉   Once that was done, we all came back up on stage for the prizegiving. I was so nervous! All the other contestants had been amazing and whilst I felt confidant with how I had performed, I wasn’t sure how I stacked up against everyone else. The first prize they read out was for Miss Picture Perfect- a award based on the photos submitted in the original entry. When Miss La-Vida read out my name, a million things were going through my head… of course I was over the moon but I was also thinking ‘does this mean I can still win Miss Pinup NZ’ and I was confused as to why I didn’t get a sash as per the norm…

The People’s Choice Award went to Miss Lollie D’Lish

Runner Up Miss Vintage Vixen to Quaintrelle

And then the announced Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014…. MISS VICTORY VIOLET!

I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy and trying desperately not to cry (a battle I lost later on but at least I kept it together for the initial photos)

It was all a bit of a whirlwind of flashes and various photos, a few hugs with friends and family and then I was whisked off again for pictures with the ‘Best Car in Show’ with Talia from Miss T Pinups. Once that was done I then had a quick interview with Von Vonski for VVTV!

Photo by Miss T Pinups

Photo by Miss T Pinups

Here is a full video of my parts in the various sections, filmed and edited by my wonderful friend Kirsten-

I really put my heart and soul into the competition, there were sleepless nights and stress attacks about things I’d ordered online not arriving on time  but it all was worth it. I couldn’t be happier to represent New Zealand for the next year and so excited for what doors the title might open up for me. There’s already some very exciting things in the works!


x Miss Victory Violet 


And a special mention to some very special people:

My fellow contestants- you are all amazing, talented woman and tough competition! I am so glad to have met you all!

Talia Stevens and the organisers of VVDO- Thank you for the opportunity for the competition and for such a fabulous event!

My Husband, Matt- For putting up with my crazy stressing and setting up my props on the day perfectly. I knew I could trust you!

My friends and family- For letting me ramble about my ideas and brainstorm with you! For your encouragement and for SCREAMING your lungs out for me on the day!

The Darling Dames- For your continuous support and always being there for a advice and ideas!


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  1. This actually made me cry. I’ve never been or even seen a pin up pageant but I felt so happy for you even across the pond.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, I voted for you and have also been watching the competition all these years. I’m finally feeling ready to compete next year so its lovely to be able to read your experience to help prep myself x

  3. Oh this video almost makes me cry ! You’re so cute and authentic !
    You deserved it :). I wish you full of happy things in your life, to you and your husband.
    (And sorry for my english, I’m french ;D).

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