My Journey to Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014!

The Miss Pinup New Zealand Competition started 3 years ago alongside the annual event The Very Vintage Day Out and has become a highlight of the day. I watched the first year with admiration and awe of the brave women up there on stage. I wanted to be courageous enough to enter but there was no way I was ready for it then. The thought of it absolutely terrified me! ย Last year as I watched, I was feeling a little more brave but had no idea what I would do for the talent section! I had a brain-wave very soon after watching last years competition- a cheesy hair tutorial skit! I mulled it over for a few months, talked my ideas over with friends and when I felt like I had a possible talent worthy of the competition, I was ready to enter! The first part of the competition was to submit an entry that included 3 photos, a 2 minute video entry and answer the questions provided. I decided I wanted to do a swing dance video for that part of the entry and recruited my friend Kirsten to film and dapper swing dancer Bruce to help out. Bruce is a Military re-enactor and collects all the uniforms and suggested we did a wartime theme… especially since his friend Colin had a vintage jeep to drive us around in! Me and Bruce!

Bruce already had the uniform but mine took a little more effort- My Aunt Frances sewed the skirt for me, Bruce lent me the shirt, tie and hat and luckily I found a jacket that fitted me at the local army surplus shop. The 40s T-bar dance shoes worked perfectly too although they needed to be re-soled after all the dancing on concrete!

ย  Miss Victory Violet The day of the filming, rain was sceduled but thank goodness it didn’t come to much! In fact by the end of the afternoon, the sun was shining and I was totally de-hydrated in that jacket that I was nearly sick in the car on the way to the final location. Miss Victory Violet We filmed at three different places- Auckland Domain, Cornwall Park and at the end of a wharf along Tamaki Drive. We attracted a lot of attention as you can imagine!

The end result was so fabulous, Kirsten really did a stellar job. The reason I decided on the song Candyman by Christina Aguilera (apart from it being a super fun song!) was that I felt that it represented me and the competition well- It’s a modern song with the full flavour of vintage! Once the video was done, I submitted my entry (you can see it and read the Q&A part here) and not long after, the 10 finalists were announced! I was delighted to be part of the final 10!

Top 10 Finalists!

Top 10 Finalists!

Now what a lot of people didn’t realise when I told them I was a finalist was how intense the competition really was. There was online voting leading up to the day for the People’s Choice award and then the competition itself consisted on 4 sections- 1. A Gown Parade- Either day or evening wear 2. Two minute live talent 3. Beachwear or Lingerie 4. And then the judges picked the top 4 to be in final round of a random question. It was all quite frightening! The planning started early and since I’d watched the previous years, I knew what had been done before and tried to take a really fresh perspective on each section. I will go into details of each section in the next blog post! To read about The Very Vintage Day Out where Miss Pinup New Zealand is held, click here. If you are thinking about entering Miss Pinup New Zealand next year, I know it sounds scary but it is a amazing experience and I cannot recommend entering enough! And if you think you are not ready yet, then that’s ok too. Wait till your ready then knock em’ dead ๐Ÿ˜‰ x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Thanks so much for posting! I have also been watching the competition since it started and I’m so excited to finally say I’m ready to enter next year! Have already started planning outfits/talent. You definitely deserved to win love

  2. Congrats again! I was lucky to be there with my Dad and his car and win Best Car of the show! And very lucky to have my photo taken with you as the cars “owner” (Dad was too chicken). And we’re already planning on what car to bring next year!

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