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50s Pony Tail Pictorial

Mini Pictorials using Flipagram are really easy to make while I am getting ready for work and the result is so fun! Full tutorials take a lot of time and effort so Flipagram pictorials are great little projects for in between!


The other day I decided to do one on my 50s Pony Tail style. For this I use a pony tail extension which just clips on. I section the hair in half and use the front half to help disguise the clip so it looks natural.

You can watch the process here- 50s Pony Tail Pictorial


x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Well don’t I feel a bit silly. I left an ask Mis VV message about how you do your perfect pony and I just found this post! You think of everything! As usual this was totally helpful sooo, just disregard my earlier request. 😛
    Dawn Meri

  2. Just wondering, what’s the brand of hair extension you’re using (or what’s a good one for a blonde, there are so many shades!)?

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