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How To Brush Out Teasing!

A friend of mine recently had a big beehive done at a event which look fabulous! But she said she was close to cutting her hair off after battling with the knots from teasing!

Many of the vintage hair styles require teasing- some more than others. My hair is in a backcombed state about 90% of it’s life! Because of this I’ve had to learn how to get it out easily so here it goes-

Don’t try to brush it out dry! It will be a nightmare and most likely damaging in my opinion!

Wet your hair down (you will probably need to stand under the shower for a few minutes to let the water soak into the teasing) and shampoo. I do this because usually by the time I need to wash my hair, it has just about a whole can of hairspray in it! I know it seems like shampooing it could make it all worse, but to be honest, I’ve never had a problem with it.

Make sure you are getting a good lather with the shampoo to really cleanse the hair. If you are not, your hair might not be wet enough. Do two shampoos if your hair is extra dirty or has lots of product.

Once you have done the shampoo, squeeze out the excess water and apply your conditioner liberally to the teased hair, working it into all areas and to the roots. It’s important to squeeze out the water first so that the conditioner is more concentrated. Make this a habit even when you are just washing your hair regularly- you’ll need less, it won’t all drip down the plug and because your hair is not soaked with water, the conditioner will do it’s job better!

Normally at this point, I will clip my hair up and wash my face and body, giving my hair a few minutes with the conditioner in.

To comb it out, use a wide tooth comb (NOT FINE TOOTH), take a section of hair and start combing from the bottom, working your way up. Be patient, it could take a couple of minutes, but always start from the bottom. Any other way and you’ll just make it worse.

Now some of you might be thinking about that theory that you shouldn’t brush your hair when its wet. I don’t believe it! Getting your knots out this way is far gentler than when it’s dry and if our hair can withstand the searing heat of irons or chemicals like bleach, then I think it can survive a bit of combing when wet!

So there you go! That’s the easiest and gentlest way to do it!


x Miss Victory Violet

So much teasing!

So much teasing!

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  1. As a cosmetologist I can tell you why this is working for you!
    Wet hair has more ‘give’ to it than dry hair does- just be careful not to over stretch your hair! Wet hair will be irreparably damaged more easily so don’t ever force the comb! If you can’t get out a knot get under it and work it out bit by bit. That conditioner trick is a good stand by too- I use a leave in spray conditioner before it get in the shower to work out most of my teasing before I get in the shower.
    Using conditioner on your roots can lead to excess oiliness over time though so if this is something you do every day I recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a week.

    • Thanks Dina. I am a hairdresser so also know the pros and cons of combing when wet. Thats why I mentioned to be patient and be gentle 🙂 I’ve never has a problem with the conditioner making my hair oily but I think I am not someone with a naturally oily scalp.

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