My Week In Outfits! (20/05-25/05)

One of my favourite Pinup Girl Clothing styles! The Birdie works for daytime and evening and it’s so nice having the longer sleeves in cooler months

Birdie Dress

Victory Rolls

Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing
Headscarf- Vintage

Felt like doing some 60s hair and makeup and so went with the Bettie Page Secretary Circle Dress. This dress is made with a lovely jersey material which is nice and toasty! 

Secretary Circle Dress

60s hair

Dress- Bettie Page Clothing, now Tatyana Boutique

I picked up my new Jenny skirt from Rita Sue Clothing on Wednesday so couldn’t wait to wear it! It’s so lovely and full and a perfect length…. don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get one! 

Jenny Skirt


Skirt and blouse- Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt- Rita Sue Clothing
Cardigan- Sourpuss

The mustard print Ginger dress is pretty glorious and I was so happy to find a cardigan and headscarf that matched some of the colours in the flowers!
Ginger DressRita Sue Headscarf

Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan- Farmers
Headscarf- Rita Sue Clothing 

A lot of the time I choose an outfit by how I want to do my hair or the colour headscarf I want to wear. On Saturday, I was itching to wear my leopard print headscarf but don’t have much in the way of solid coloured items… and my OCD does not lend itself well to print-mixing! So I went with the Jenny Skirt and a basic cardigan- you can’t really go wrong with leopard print and red, can you?!

Leopard and Red

Leopard print headscarf

Skirt & Belt – Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan – Farmers
Headscarf- Rita Sue Clothing 

Sunday I spend the morning lounging around then at lunchtime I started getting ready for a mini photoshoot at 2pm. Devel Clothing sponsored a custom made garment for the winner of Miss Pinup New Zealand and so I requested and 1940s suit! We took a few snaps in the Auckland Domain for Danielle’s blog … here’s a little preview 😉


x Miss Victory Violet

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