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My Top 3 Red Lipsticks!

Finding a favourite red lipstick is like finding the holy grail. I try not to think about the possible future when my favourite shade could be discontinued as that would cause severe anxiety!!!

I get asked a lot about what my favourite lipstick is so thought it was high time for a post on the subject. I have 3 mains red lippy’s that are my go-to for everyday wear.


My ultimate favourite is Natio Rush retailing for AUS$14.95 on the website. Natio is a Australian brand that can be found in pharmacies and Farmers in New Zealand.

Natio Rush

It’s a very creamy lipstick with a gorgeous deep, rich red tone. This has been my absolute favourite for many years now and I even have one permanently at work, and one for home.

Natio Rush- no filter

Natio Rush- no filter

The intensity of the colour is what I like most. It is a bright red blue-based lipstick but has extra depth and intensity to others. I will be incredibly sad should this shade ever go out of production!


The next lipstick on my list is Limecrime Red Velvet Velvetine, retailing for US$20 online. I bought this when I was trying to find a kiss-proof lipstick for my wedding. It’s a very true, bright red liquid lipstick and one of 6 shades in the Velvetine range.

Limecrime velvetines

At first I wasn’t that impressed… the Velvetines are very matte and drying and it kinda balled up and flaked off after a few hours, something that I HATE! But I do love the super crisp line that you can achieve when applying it with a lip brush.

Lime Crime Red Velvet

Limecrime Red Velvet – no filter

It also hardly ever bleeds (except if you are eating oily foods) and I have grown to love it. The only way I can cope with the dryness is to apply a moist lipstick like Natio Rush over the top after the first few hours. It stops it from flaking and makes me feel a little less parched!


And last but definitely not least, my third go-to lipstick is Besame Cosmetics Red Hot Red! Retailing for US$22 on the website and can also be found at several New Zealand Retailers like The Yellow Brick Road, Rita Sue Clothing and The Vanity Case.

Besame Red Hot RedBesame Cosmetics is a fantastic brand that creates modern reproductions of luxury makeup from the 20’s through to 50’s. The packaging for all their products are absolutely gorgeous and have a fantastic range of lipstick colours.

Photography by Caron Nicole

Photography by Caron Nicole

I bought Red Hot Red last year when I was asked to model the Besame lipstick range for The Yellow Brick Road Boutique. I loved the bright, pinup shade of red and thought it was pretty awesome that the shade is modelled after Marilyn Monroe’s favourite lipstick colour.

Besame Red Hot Red

Besame Red Hot Red – no filter

The Besame lipsticks have a creamy, velvety texture. This is what I wear when I feel like something a little bolder but still glossy and soft.


Australis Red LiplinerI just want to quickly mention my application method- for the Natio and Besame lipsticks, I first conceal my lips then powder and line my lips with lipliner, filling in the entire lip. (I use a Australis Lip Liner but any red lipliner will do. It’s just to help give you the guide for the shape and give the lipstick a base so the colour comes out rich.)
Then I apply the lipstick. By using this method, it helps to prevent bleeding and also keep the lipstick on for longer.

For the Limecrime Velvetine, since it’s a liquid lipstick and already very matte, I skip the concealer and powder steps and just line and fill in my lips with lip liner. I find I need the liner to create the shape and then I just go over it with the lipstick and lip brush.


So there you have it, my 3 favourite lipsticks! I’m excited to have also placed a order for 2 shades of the Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks so will let you know how they turn out too!


x Miss Victory Violet


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  1. CERTAINLY RED by REVLON. Only $8.95 @ Duane Reade or any drug store. Gotten SO many compliments, and I’m Af. America brown skin.

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