My Week In Outfits! (27/05-1/06)

On Monday I recieved a surprise in the mail! Pinup Girl Clothing had sent me the pink Ella Dress which they named after me! Of course I HAD to wear it the next day! To keep me warm, I wore this pink merino cardigan over the top and tucked it up under my belt. I felt like a pink barbie doll!

Ella Dress

Ella Dress

Faux Ponytail

Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing 
Cardigan- Glassons
Belt- unknown

The winter chill had well and truly set it in and so I wore my Audrey Dress by Bannou. Its thick Tencel material is nice and toasty. See a full review here

Audrey Dress

60s Hair

Dress- Bannou
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing

The Jenny Dress is one of my go-to dresses. I have 5 different versions of it! The boning through the bust creates such a lovely line and the gathered skirt is so fun!
To see how to do hair like this, click here 

Jenny Dress

Roller Set

Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan- Sourpuss Clothing
Headscarf- Rita Sue Clothing

I absolutely love this combo but haven’t worn it at all to work! Because the sleeves of the bolero are quite long, I worry about getting colour on them or getting them wet when I am washing hair. But Friday’s clients were mainly hair-ups and only one colour so I thought I would risk it!

Bella Donna

Bella Donna

Lace Bolero

Dress, Bolero and Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Hair Flower- Rita Sue Clothing

The print on this skirt is so so gorgeous and the discontinued Jeanie Lurex Top perfectly matches the pink in the flowers!

Jeanie Lurex Top

Skirt and Top- Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt- eBay
Headscarf- vintage

I was doing hair and makeup at Rita Sue Clothing for mini shoots with Zandy J Photography. I picked this outfit as it’s nice and comfortable and also warm!

Jenny Skirt

Faux Pony

Skirt and belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Blouse- Swonderful Boutique
Cardigan- Jacqui E
Headscarf- Vintage

Sunday night- 
Off to dinner with friends, tried a new combo of one of my favourite cardigans and my favourite wiggle skirt!

Wiggle skirt

Skirt and Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan- Wheels and Dollbaby
Coat- Collectif 

x Miss Victory Violet







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