The Rago 6207!

In my eternal quest to find the perfect piece of shapewear, I have looked at the Rago 6207 Long Leg Shaper many times. The thought of shapewear in the style of shorts frightened me… I always worried that the bottom band would cut into my thighs, creating a unattractive bulge. But after Jessica from Pin Up Persuasion raved about them in her post, I plucked up the courage to try a pair. Fondly nicknamed the ‘pants of doom’ after seeing them and how TINY they look unstretched… They really are quite scary to look at!

When ordering Rago and most other shapewear brands, you normally go my your waist measurement. With my waist measuring 27″ and hips measuring 42″, I sized up to the 30″ to accommodate my hips. When I realised there was no zip, I was convinced there was no way my butt would get into them! To be honest, I had fully prepared myself for them to look awful and not work at all.

Rago 6207

Much to my surprise, not only did they get over my deriere (after much jiggling and tugging) but they worked AMAZINGLY!

The waist band was a bit big but not unwearably so. My butt and thighs were compeletly smoothed are there was very minimal cutting into my thighs. Now, this might shock you, but I think the Rago 6207 is my new favourite peice of shapewear!

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and more importantly, PHOTOS!

No Shapewear The Rago 6207 features Parisian Powernet lace with exclusive contour bands to smooth and shape. The gripper stretch lace band elimnates thigh bulge and stops it from rolling up. There is also a split crotch for when nature calls but I’m a little dubious about trying that!


Rago 6207ย I mentioned in my previous shapewear post that my problem areas have always been my thighs and butt and I really feel like the Rago 6207 takes care of everything! Plus, it’s much more comfortable and easy to move in than a regular girdle.

Before and AfterI chose to wear this Glamour Bunny dress to show the difference because it shows up all the lumps and bumps. I think the 6207 would only show through very thin materials but for cotton blends like this or bengaline, it’s perfect!

Now the other cool thing about the 6207 is that it still has stocking straps! Just two on each leg but once you tuck the stockings underneath the gripper band, that’s all you need. They stay in place really well and it’s nice to have the option to wear stockings!

Rago 6207

Rago 6207

The only downside of the 6207 is that it’s not quite as attractive as the girdle+stockings combo. So whilst I can enjoy it’s powers most of the time, it’s a no-go on pinup shoots when there might be a little leg showing! But that’s ok, life isn’t prefect right?!

The Rago 6207 looks a little scary at first but I promise it’s actually a amazing piece of shapewear! There are a couple of other versions like one with a zip so check out the Rago website to see all the different styles. You can’t actually buy from the Rago site but Rita Sue Clothing in Auckland stocks it and there are lots of online stockistsย like Orchard Corset.

For other Rago shapwewear reviews including their popular longline 1294 Girdle, click here.


x Miss Victory Violetย 

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  1. Wonderful review, thanks for taking the time to do a really in-depth review. Very well done and professional. The blog is looking fabulous and so do you!

  2. They look so much nicer than regular beige shapewear shorts! Thanks for the review. I am currently looking at purchasing these to wear with my new Monica dress.

  3. I’m glad you’ve discovered Rago foundations. I’m a Rago girl. I find that I can wear Rago garments all day long. I’m partial to the panty girdles and all-in-ones. I get full support, which results in full confidence. Seriously, if I go out without my Rago, then I don’t feel dressed.

    • I turned my girlfriend into a Rago fanatic. She had NEVER worn a girdle of any kind. She now owns no less than 20 girdles (long leg, open bottom, high waist) in 7 colors. I bought all of them from GirdleBound who now sells thru Just Figures. She has even made 3 female co-workers into Rago fans. My girlfriends name is Gigi and she chuckles at the reactions she sees when her girdle peeks out of her dress which is every day. She said men and women seem to blush and love it! Long live the girdle!!

  4. Thank you for this post! I have the Rago waist cincher and I love it. For everyday wear, I just wear control top pantyhose, so that I can have the smoothness from the top and the hosiery down my legs. I would prefer the sexiness of a belt and pull up stockings, but I find the rubbing together from my thighs very uncomfortable! While this won’t be as sexy, as you mentioned, I do want to try these out now, so that my pull up stockings don’t go to waste! Thanks for the thoroughness!

  5. I mentioned I was eyeing up the Monica dress, but I know I would definately need shapewear to wear this dress to get a lovely shape. My real problem area is my waist and tummy, do you feel the Rago 6207 would suit? Do you find it rolls down under the bust at all? I’m tossing up between this and the 1294. Thanks Miss VV ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  6. I was in desperate need of some shapewear with a slinky wiggle dress I was planning on wearing for a wedding, and decided to go with this. I absolutely love it! It stayed put up top, no rolling under the bust which can happen sometimes, and no bulge on my thighs. It was really comfortable to wear, even all day long, and the stocking clips are removable if you feel like going bare legged. Thank you for introducing me to Rago! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thank you! This is so helpful. I didn’t love the Rago 1294 – I found it created backfat and a tummy roll where I didn’t have any! So, I’ve been off Rago for a bit, but I can’t find anything better. Your review makes me feel like taking a chance on Rago again! Thanks!

  8. Can you tell me what kind of gripper is in the bottom edge of the legs? I’m apparently allergic to the clear elastic-type stuff and want to make sure that’s not what I would be dealing with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. How does it go for thigh bulge at the bottom of the leg band. I have tried leg shapers before and i always get thigh muffins where the band cuts in. the lace looks like it wont because its soft but i thought i would ask. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hello, I would like to buy one but i’m in trouble with the sizing for this product and also I have the same question for the bra : i’m french and my size Bra is 100 C and my size for skirt is 42- could you help me please ? Thanks you !

  11. The benefits of daily wearing a vintage girdle like Rago 6207 are real. You find your posture is 100% improved, you find you look look so much better in your clothes, and surprisingly once you can keep your stomach muscles relaxed and just let the girdle give your stomach and back needed control and support you will find with in a short period of time you have much more energy and you feel great. You do without question get to the point you love being in a girdle.

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