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Up until about 2 years ago, I was using cheap supermarket brands of cleansers and moisturisers on my skin. I didn’t have a major acne problem but it also wasn’t anywhere near as good as it is now. I started to develop a sensitivity around my eyes- they would get very dry, itchy and puffy especially if I was tired and stressed out.

I spent a year putting up with it and trying different ointments to make it better but nothing seemed to work.

Fed up one day, I went nuts at the local health shop and bought myself mineral makeup and Antipodes skincare.

The speed at which I noticed a difference was incredible. Within a week, my skin looked better and brighter and since then I haven’t had a problem with my eyes again. I’ve since stopped using mineral makeup but continued with Antipodes skincare so I think the issue was the cheap cleansers I was using.

Now I couldn’t live without my Antipodes! Developed here in New Zealand, Antipodes is a science based company that carefully formulates it’s products from pure natural ingredients. It is also 100% Vegetarian and cruelty free which is superb!

I religiously wash my face twice a day with the Juliet Skin Brightening Cleanser

Juliet+-br-Skin-Brightening-br-+Gel+Cleanser+ Suitable for normal or oily skin, the Juliet cleanser has Manuka honey for anitbacterial action, Vinanza Grape to balance oil production and gentle exfoliating action thanks to extracts from Kiwifruit and hibiscus flower.

It smells DIVINE- lightly frangranced with green apple and cardamon

I used to have darker skin around my eyes, even before I developed my sensitivities. Since starting to use this cleanser, my skin and especially my eye area is so much brighter and much more even.

Retailing for around $39 for 200ml, it really is worth it. A little goes a long way, a bottle will last me months even with washing my face twice a day.


The other product I’ve been using for a couple of years now is the Rejoice Daily Moisturiser

Rejoice+-br-+Light+Facial+Day+Cream It’s a lovely light, non-oily moisturiser that I use in the morning before applying my makeup. It’s a perfect base as it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily.

Once again it has antibacterial and healing properties with Manuka Flower oil extracts. Combined with the collagen boosting powers of Avocado oil

Scented with vanilla pod and sweet almond, this moisturiser is suitable for normal and oily skin conditions and retails for $55.90


This next product is one that I have only been using for a couple of weeks but had been wanting to try for ages! My chance came when Farmers had a buy two, get one free deal on the Antipodes range.

images (2) The Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream  is suited to most skin types including ultra dry conditions.

Featuring 100% avocado oil to restore and resurrect your skin, calendula oil for it’s healing properties and manuka honey to soothe and moisten your skin.

So far I have really loved this night creme. It is so lush and moist and really makes me feel like my skin is getting a lot of nourishing. It does feel a lot heavier and oilier that the Rejoice day cream but because I apply it at night, it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t absorb as fast. I definitely think I have been waking up with softer skin so will be making this part of my regular routine for sure!

On the higher end of the price scale, the Avocado Pear Night Cream retails for $62.50.

I really cannot recommend the Antipodes line enough. It has transformed my skin and made me realise that when it comes to skin, it’s better to spend a little more on good quality products with natural ingredients.

I buy my Antipodes from Farmers so I can accumulate the Beauty Club points. They also seem to have the ‘buy two, get one free’ deal 2-3 times a year which is a good opportunity to stock up.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given a couple more Antipodes products to try and I am loving them so far! I will review them in a month or so along with a giveaway so a few lucky readers can try it too!

x Miss Victory Violet 


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  1. The Juliet Cleanser is a-mazing! Every night I’m shocked at how well it removes makeup, its as if I wasn’t wearing any in the first place! And with the minuscule amount you need every time you use it it’ll last forever!!

  2. I have just bought these as I’ve had a bout of bad-ish skin at the moment. I too have sensitive eyes and farmers had the deal on so thought what the hell. Hopefully it works for me too! I had to swap out the moisturiser for the one has has an spf as i’m allergic to rosehip and the rejoice had it in it.

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