DIY Easy Birdcage Veil Fascinator

When I was planning my recent photo shoot with Studio81, one of the looks we were going to do was a pinup bride. I decided I needed a cute little birdcage veil to match the champagne Monica dress.

Pinup Wedding Dress


To make this facinator, you only need a few things-

-Hat netting

-Fabric to make the bow (alternatively you can use a hair brooch like this one)

-Any extra decorations like the rhinestone button I use


To make the bow-

Step one:

2014-06-09 18.18.48

Fold the fabric in half and create a paper pattern to guide you for cutting it out.
Pin it into place.
You can do any size you want, and a square shape will give you more pleats than a rectangle shape.
I can’t remember what measurements I ended up using (usless, I know!) but I’m pretty sure it was 13cm square.





Step two:

2014-06-09 18.39.19-1

Once it’s cut out, stitch along the perimeter. I hand-sewed it because I couldn’t be bothered re-threading the machine.
Leave a gap unstitched in the middle so you can do Step Three






Step Three:

2014-06-09 18.40.42

Turn it inside out through the gap you left unstitched









Step Four:

2014-06-09 18.46.33-1

Now stitch to close the gap









Step Five:

2014-06-09 18.51.58

Pleat the square evenly and pin it into place.
Stitch through the middle to secure it







Step Six:

2014-06-09 18.58.10

Cut a long strip and wrap it around the middle. I was rushing to do this for the photoshoot so didn’t bother with making it super neat and tidy. It might be a good idea to overlock the edges.





2014-06-09 19.01.15






It should look something like this-

2014-06-09 19.01.22








Step Seven:

2014-06-13 18.19.00

Now pleat the netting into position. Make sure you are holding it up in your hair to see how the netting will look. This is a little tricky and can take a couple of attempts.






Step Eight:

2014-06-13 18.33.37

Do lots of stitches over the netting to make sure it stays in place. Trim off any excess at the top. You will also want to cut the netting to a roundish shape. Just try it on and see what’s going to look good and trim little bits at a time.






Step Nine:

2014-06-13 18.42.36

Now add any extra bling or leave the bow plain!

I just slid a duckbill clip through the middle loop to attach it to my hair.






And Voila!



Pinup Wedding Dress

x Miss Victory Violet

Also another big thank you to Studio81 for the shots and Floral Stylist for the gorgeous bouquet! Read the blog post about the lovely Monica dress here.


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  1. What coloured shoes did your wear with the Champagne Monica dress? I’m planning on wearing this as my wedding dress. Thank-you for the inspiration and you look beautiful.

  2. Sparkly champagne shoes sound very pretty. Thank-you for your quick reply, I’m starting my search for shoes now then I will try and make the birdcage veil. You have made my choice for a wedding outfit very easy, thank-you again.

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