The Secret Sadie Handbag- 7 Days Of Glamour Bunny!

Day Three

First things first- this is no ordinary handbag. When I first got it, I didn’t know it’s capabilities but then I discovered the magnetic changeable matte allowing it to be 3 handbags in one and my goodness was I excited! You can watch a mini video I posted of the changing in action here.


The Secret Sadie Pinup Handbag comes in either black or red and comes with a double sided matte with leopard print on one side and polka dot on the other. The flap at the top of the bag lifts up and is magnetic so you just place the matte underneath and place the flap back down again.

Ella Webster DeBretts 184 copy

It is such a fantastic design and a fabulous idea! The plain black side (with a touch of glitter) is ultra glamorous and the leopard and polka sides can either be dressed up or down.

The polka dot side is a matte texture so definitely can be more on the casual side. It is really well constructed and you can tell it’s made with high quality materials and built to last.

Ella Webster DeBretts 209 copy

The Sadie is a really nice size- (Length 33cm, Height 21cm Depth 13cm)- enough to fit all the essentials but not too huge that it can be a sophisticated evening bag.

The other great thing about this bag is that it opens up nice and wide so you can easily reach in and find what you need. The worst thing in a handbag is when they only open up a fraction and make it a battle just to get your lippy out for a touch-up! There’s no problems with that with this lovely handbag.

There are several pockets and separators inside the bag for easy organisation. Another plus for this bag is the easy to open latch but it stays closed and doesn’t spontaneously open.

Ella Webster DeBretts 383 copy

The Secret Sadie Pinup Handbags retails for £84 and you can get 10% off with the discount code ‘GBLOYALTY’

Plus, Glamour Bunny has provided a bag to giveaway on Facebook! Click here for all the details.

Thank you to the incredible Elizabeth J Photography for the photos and Hotel DeBrett for allowing us to shoot around the hotel! And a big thank you to Gerry of Glamour Bunny for sending me such gorgeous items from her collection!

7 Days Of Glamour Bunny continues tomorrow with The Harriet Dress! Catch up on Day One (The Virginia Dress) and Day Two (The Julie Dress).

x Miss Victory Violet



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