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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Stockings

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

Your legs always look really great! Even when you are wearing nylons, you cannot tell that you are actually wearing nylons! What brand do you usually wear? (maybe you could do a small segment on the various hosiery you wear for various occasions?)

Many thanks 🙂


City: Lincoln

Country: UK

Hi Sara!

Thank you very much, I have a couple of different types of stockings or pantyhose I wear for different occasions.

Firstly for the really pinup look and what I use in most photoshoots, are the What Katie Did Retro Seamed Stockings. These are not fully fashioned but they are a bit more affordable (about half the price of RHT or Fully Fashioned)

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I’m not super pale but I am definitely on the fairer side. The nude WKD Retro Seamed Stockings are quite pale which means they look very natural especially since they are not too shiny. They come in sizes S/M and M/L and I wear the M/L. 

These stockings are really great for that classic pinup look- I won’t wear them on a daily basis as I am too prone to ripping them but I will wear them for shoots and going out/special occasions.

If you like the idea of fully fashioned stockings then there are a few different places you can get them. What Katie did have a good range but I find that a lot of sizes can be sold out. I’ve bought a couple of pairs by Gio on Stockings HQ and have been really happy with them. Now be prepared that with fully fashioned comes a bigger price tag!


My favourites are the Gio Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings which retail for £16.45 and have a little more shine than the What Katie Did ones. Fully Fashioned can take some getting used to as they don’t have much stretch like modern nylons and it can take a few tries to getting the sizing right. Which size you buy also depends on how high you want them to come. I have different sizes for different suspender belts and girdles.

Next up are my favourite pantyhose, the Kayser Body Slimmers High Waist Smoother. These are very sheer and not too shiny so they don’t look too unnatural.


They are great for sucking everything in and smoothing lumps and bumps. I will wear these when I can’t be bothered with a full girdle, or if I am wearing a dress where the girdle shows through the dress.

I would highly recommend you follow Elinor of The Nylon Swish blog! Her blog is all about stockings, mainly fully fashioned and is super knowledgable on the topic!

x Miss Victory Violet




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  1. I love that I can search topics on your website. I’m in the process of planning my Dapper Day outfit and wanted backseam pantyhose. I couldn’t find a decent quality brand that I liked. I searched your page and voila! Found this and What Katie Did. Thank you!! Have you ever heard of freezing your pantyhose before wearing it the first time? Its supposed to help prevent them from being as prone to running. Not sure if its true, but definitely worth a shot!

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