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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Dealing With Attention

 Dear Miss Victory Violet,

I’ve been your fan for some time now. My question is, how to handle weird looks or remarks people give me while being styled vintage?

There’s practically no vintage / rockabilly community in my country. It’s “that Elvis-like thing”. I need some advice how to get used to it, or how not to let it bother me.

Thank you 🙂

Fingers crossed for you here, you rock!



City: Bratislava

Country: Slovakia

Hi Zuzana!

For us vintage enthusiasts, it can really take some getting used to having people staring at you all the time right?!

Luckily, where I’m from, most people make very positive remarks and I’ve only had a few negative ones. Positive or negative though, it’s still attention that you might not be used to.

There’s no magic wand to make you feel comfortable with it but here are some of my tips on how to learn to cope with it.

Dress for solely yourself and own your style! Dress yourself in the morning in exactly what YOU want to wear! Don’t make the decision based on how you think others would want you to dress or by stupid fashion rules like ‘curvy girls shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes’

This can be hard at first since society puts so many expectations on women but if you dress for you, then you’ll have confidence and a love for what your wearing and people will pick up on that.

Some people might not get it and say sarcastic things about how ‘it’s not the 50s anymore’ but if you truly love how you dress and have the confidence to rock it then it’s their loss that they don’t understand why you do it.

Learn to accept a compliment! I’d hope that most of the attention you get is positive as most people love someone who dresses a little differently and the older generation especially love the nostalgia of seeing someone dressed vintage! If someone compliments you, respond with a thank-you, don’t shrug it off! They are complimenting you for a reason… because you look amazing!

Make a conscious decision to not let it bother you! Tell yourself that you look amazing, that you and your style is unique and decide that you just don’t care about what others think! If you say this to yourself often enough, it will eventually become engrained in your consciousness!

Smile at passers by who are staring. Most of the time they are just curious about how you are dressed! I much prefer it if people come up and talk to me rather than gawk and point so I invite them to do so by a simple smile if I catch their eye. That will usually prompt them to make a positive remark and it’s less awkward that being stared at.


 x Miss Victory Violet



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  1. Thank you so much for this! Today I went to a pinup and hot rod show in Melbourne and caught public transport in the event and this helped me feel confident while I was receiving so many stares.

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