A Very Vintage Wedding Dress- Part Two

Yesterday was the start of a three part series on where you can buy Vintage Style Wedding Dresses. I covered the long, more traditional style (catch up here) and today I am focussing on Tea Length Swing Dresses!

House of Mooshki 

I adore all of the Mooshki Dresses! The details are just stunning and there are so many gorgeous styles. All the Mooshki dresses are bespoke and from what I can tell on the website, are made to order and can be customised. They have stockists all over the world and orders can be arranged via email too.


From left: The Primrose, The Ava and The Charlotte. It’s hard to find prices for their dresses but I found a quote that most of them range between £1300 and £1950. So definitely at the high end!

Dolly Couture

Dolly Couture is a cheaper alternative to Mooshki Bridal but still with the custom made option. Most of their dresses are very 60’s inspired and have a small selection of stockists in Canada, UK, Australia, Lithuania and USA.


From left: The Moon River (US$595), The Beverlywood (US$695) and The Walnut Creek (US$695)

Here’s the ever-so lovely Kimberley Cootes in her Dolly Couture Black Label Summerville Dress



Whirling Turban

I talked about Whirling Turban yesterday and featured their long 50s style gown. But because they are so awesome, I am featuring them here too as they do great custom made Tea Length Dresses and feature the lovely petal bust detailing.

Whirling Turban make everything to order and is true pinup couture. Their fabrics are all high quality and luxurious which is what most want in a wedding dress. If you are looking for a alternative wedding dress, they have a couple of great looking leopard print ones!


The Pom Pom Dress (US$965), Figurine (US$680) and Balanchine in Sliver (US$735)

Custom Made

I decided to have a tea length dress for our wedding reception and had it custom made by CurvyCouture by Judy Dee. It was wonderful to have the ability to design my ultimate wedding dress and pick out fabrics!

Whilst there are online shops like Whirling Turban and Dolly Couture which can do custom orders for out-of-towners, I liked the idea of being able to have fittings. Judy gave me great advice on what would work, which fabrics would suit the design and was meticulous with the details.

Photography by Caron Nicole Photography

Photography by Caron Nicole Photography

Judy also made my beautiful friend Michelle’s (Miss Vintage 2012) wedding dress and that lace is just so dreamy! I love all these photos!

Photography by Tony of Handcrafted Stories

Also you could try searching Etsy (search under the ‘handmade’ setting) for Tea Length Wedding Dresses as there are lots listed and most of them are made to order and can be customised.

True Vintage 

Etsy and eBay are a great source also for true vintage if you can find it.

Miranda sent in these photos of her wedding dress that she will be wearing in January. She said that whilst she loves reproduction vintage, this dress is extra special because it has such lovely sentimental details like a little blue bow stitched on the inside from the previous owner.

vintage lace

Thank you to all the lovely ladies for sending me their photos! Stay tuned for Part Three tomorrow, focussing on budget friendly, vintage reproduction brands

x Miss Victory Violet 

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  1. Another great blog post and loving all these gorgeous dresses….I just asked for links for some of these lovely brides in your last blog post but see now that some of them may have sent you pics directly so see why now there aren’t source links ha ha…. I look forward to instalment #3

  2. House of Mooshki is totally new to me. Love their detachable trains, but at $2-3k USD they’re not even an option, unfortunately. Yikes.

    I own a Whirling Turban dress in turquoise and as silly as it sounds, think I’m going to have them remake it in white for our wedding in two years. The neckline for their Liz Taylor inspired dress is beyond flattering and exposes just the right amount of skin without being a traditional strapless dress.

    Ella, can you talk a bit about the logistics for wearing two dresses on your wedding day? Did you feel you got enough time and enough pictures in each?

  3. What a fabulous post – you can’t beat a tea length dress to give your wedding that vintage vibe!

    There are some REALLY great stores that sell authentic vintage wedding dresses for very reasonable prices online – here are a few of my faves!
    Mill Crest Vintage
    The Vintage Mistress
    Beloved Vintage Bridal
    Xta Bay Vintage

    Oh and have you stumbled across Joanne Fleming She is an english designer who does INCREDIBLE vintage inspired wedding dresses and is now stocked in Primrose & Finch in Auckland

    I hope these help!


  4. Hi Amy,

    I couldn’t help but to reply to your feed in regards to Primrose and Finch.
    Primrose and Finch Australia,have run off with the wedding dress deposits of brides.

    The owners of the Australian store also own the NZ store.This has caused huge uncertainty for Brides, not knowing if their dress will ever arrive. Other Brides have been forced to order a Brand NEW Wedding dress through a different Stockist. On top of this the owners have been completely uncooperative and dishonest to their customers!!!

    Avoid at all Costs!!

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