A Walk On The Darkside

Normally my style is full of pretty florals, pastels and bright tones. Every once and a while however, I like to change it up and be a little more of a vampy pinup girl!

Last year Pinup Girl Clothing’s main ladies Laura Byrnes and Micheline Pitt collaborated on a Goth Capsule Collection. Featuring black, spiderweb prints, black and white stripes, lace details… and more black.

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy 050

A couple of pieces caught my eye and I was inspired to put together this look with a few of the favourites.

This killer vamp outfit consists of the Twill Fishtail Skirt, Black Vamp Top, Lace Bolero (my favourite of all!) and the Orchard Corset CS-426 corset over the top.

Ella Webster Domain evening shootcopy 032

The great thing about all four of these pieces is that they are super versatile on their own. I’ve worn the Fishtail Skirt on several occasions with cute cardigans and the lace bolero can be worn with a more Spanish Flamenco vibe rather than goth.

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy179

PicMonkey Collage

I was so impressed with the Twill High-Waisted Fishtail Skirt when it arrived. Pinup Girl Clothing never ceases to amaze me with their quality of fit and this skirt was no exception. Laying flat, the skirt has a incredible curve from waist to hip and then in again at the knees.

Try finding that kind of fit in a regular chain store! (and you’d probably still pay the same price!)

I’m in love with the Twill fabric of the skirt, it is thick enough to feel like it’s really holding everything in and smoothing out my lumps and bumps!

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot bw copy040

I choose to pair it with a Pinup Girl Clothing fan favourite- the Vamp Top! I already had it in the baby blue and lavender so ordering it in black was a no-brainer. With the padding in the bust and adjustable straps, the Vamp Top is such a great wardrobe staple.

It has a back zipper that zips from the bottom-up and stops about 2 inches from the top. This can prove a little tricky to get it on over perfect hair and makeup but I somehow did it for this shoot and have everything remain in tact!

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy 106

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy 243

The Lace Bolero adds such drama and gothic glamour! I love the fringed neckline and cuffs and the lace is surprisingly soft and stretchy making it much more comfortable than expected.

Something about this bolero makes my arms feel long and elegant, it’s a magical bolero!

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy 401

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy192

A really important element with any outfit is your hair and makeup. For my hair, I went with my clip in Bettie Bangs and victory rolls and pinned in some hat netting. I did a silver/black smokey eye, big eyeliner and dramatic lipstick by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.

If you are going for a vampy pinup vibe, a dark purple lip is a easy way to instantly make your outfit more dark and dramatic.


Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy 086

Now onto the final finishing touch… the corset! This really needs it’s own separate post so you will just have to wait a little while longer for the full details and review but the Orchard Corset CS-426 is great quality for money and I’m a big fan of wearing a corset over a outfit for a dramatic effect.

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot 191 copy

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot copy 362

 I have a couple of other pieces from the Goth Capsule Collection but this is by far my favourite combination!

Ella Webster Domain evening shoot 578 copy

Check out the rest of the Pinup Girl Clothing Goth Capsule Collection for inspiration and some great staple pieces that look great on their own or can be combined for the ultimate goth pinup outfit!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for another wonderful shoot! I love the way these turned out, you have outdone yourself again 😉


x Miss Victory Violet

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