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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Perfect Haircut For Pinup Hair

Dear Miss Victory Violet 🙂

I’ve seen your photos and I totally love your hair,what an amazing work.

I would like to know your opinion about this: so I wanna cut my hair (maybe shoulder length) but I don’t really know if I should do that, because there are some hairstyles that I would like to do with my hair at that length (like a high bun) but still with a vintage “vibe”.

Could you please tell me what you think and if the shoulder length works for a french twist or a bun(stuff like that).

With best regards 🙂

Irina Rebelo

City: Coimbra
Country: Portugal

Hi Irina!

I am a total convert to shorter hair! For so long, I was obsessed with having long hair but when I really started getting into doing vintage hairstyles on myself, I cut my hair to shoulder length and have LOVED it ever since. In the 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s, most women’s hair was on the shorter side. It’s always hard as a hairstylist when clients show me a picture of a vintage style they want but their hair is past their waist!

If you still want some versatility to be able to do a high bun etc, then I would recommend having it cut to more collar bone length. This is still short enough for lots of vintage styles but long enough to be able to get into a bun. My hair is around my collar bone in length now with a lot of layering and I can do a vast range of styles.

hairstyles1 hairstyle3 hairstyle2 hairstyl4

If I set my hair in sponge rollers, it will bounce up nicely to about shoulder length but I can also easily get it into a beehive, big bun or french roll( (bottom middle is a french roll at the back).

I also have layering in my hair which I find great. The only hairstyle I think that one length would work better for would be a smooth, brushed out Dita Von Teese set. But apart from that, I think it’s the perfect length and shape!

Give it a go, and hey, hair does grow back 😉

x Miss Victory Violet


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  1. I’m curious about layers too! How would you describe the layers you have to a hairdresser? I would like to get a haircut that works well with being pin curled.

    PS love your blog and Instagram!

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