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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Foam Roller Frizz

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

I have naturally very fine hair brown hair which I have recently bleached blonde to make it look thicker which is great! Having fine hair that doesn’t behave makes it hard enough for vintage styles especially  sleep-in styles.

I’ve tried pin curls in the past which have worked but when I brushed it out I got a giant frizz that looked awful! I haven’t tried it since I’ve been blonde as I’m scared it will look worse while my hair is still recovering.

Is there a secret to this that I’m not in on?! I’m reluctant to buy foam rollers in case it looks the same.

Any advice for sleep-in styles and fine hair vintage styles would be greatly appreciated!

City: Auckland
Country: New Zealand

Hi Ruth!

I can understand your concern, no-one wants to put the time and effort into a wet set only to have it make you look like you’ve been electrocuted!

Personally, I far prefer sponge rollers over pin curls. Pin curls for me are trickier to get a nice smooth result and you don’t get any volume compared to sponge rollers. There’s a couple of things that I’d like to recommend you do to make your wet sets look better-

1. If you are not already, start using a good Shampoo and Conditioner. If you have recently gone to blonde, your hair will be needing some major protein as that is what is stripped out during the lightening process. Look for a protein based Shampoo and Conditioner to help restore the hair’s health and prevent frizz.


I would recommend Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner and matching treatment that you could do once a week. These can be purchased from the salon I work at Killer Hair and we have samples available if you’d like to try before you buy.

2. You need a good setting lotion that is going to help prevent frizz. One that I’ve always loved is called Tigi Small Talk- it’s actually more of a blowdry cream but it works amazingly as a setting lotion.


Not only does it smell AMAZING and have just enough hold to set the curl (but not too much to make it crusty) but it also seems to condition the hair too. It leaves the hair feeling soft, voluminous, hydrated and shiny so I think it would be perfect for your hair! You can get Small Talk from most Shampoo n Things and any other Tigi stockists.

3. Get some sponge rollers for sure! They can take a bit of practice but they are so easy and quick once you get the knack. You can purchase them from Rita Sue Clothing or Hairquip in Takapuna. Look for ones that are about 1″ wide.

images (6)

4. What you use to brush out your set is important. I really like brushes that have the dual bristles as they smooth as you go but the longer plastic bristles get right through to your roots. Brushes without this tend to just brush the surface and make things a little harder. You can find a brush similar to the one pictures at pharmacies and Farmers

denman brushes-5

5. What also might help in taming the frizz is a smoothing product to put on after some of the initial brushing. I really like Davines More Inside Invisible Serum as it has a small amount of hold and lots of shine. So it helps to smooth but not leave the hair too sticky. Then you can continue brushing into place.


So I know that this seems like quite a extensive list but all these elements are things that I do in the setting process. The other thing to remember is that with any wet set, you are always going to have a “OH SHIT” moment about halfway through. Don’t panic, just keep brushing and I promise it will get better. Try brushing different ways and angles and really brushing it down.

Also, when rolling, to prevent your ends from being super frizzy, use the end of a tail comb to hook the ends under and make sure they don’t become ‘fish-hooked’. It’s hard to explain in writing, but have a look at my setting tutorial here and you’ll see what I mean. This is a very important part in getting a nice finish!

Hopefully this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

 x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Hey Ya!
    I’m just wondering how you keep the plastic holders from causing creases along the curls. If I wet set then blow dry it’s not an issue, but if try and sleep in them they get completly crushed and look more like massive crimps. And since I’m going for 40s not 80s…. Help 🙂
    Thank you!

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