Barbie Pink Lips with Lime Crime

Whilst my usual lipstick is a shade of red, occasionally I love mixing it up and wearing a bright, barbie pink shade! My favourite has to be Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet Velvetine liquid lipstick with their opaque lipstick shade of Centrifushia over the top.

Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid lipsticks have become super popular and after first trying out the Red Velvet shade, I decided to try their pink version. The Velvetines are great for a matte finish and long lasting colour but I do find them quite drying and have found that I need to apply a moist, regular lipstick over the top. This makes it a bit more comfortable throughout the day and stops me from feeling too parched!


To match the Pink Velvet Velvetine, I chose Centrifushia. The two lipsticks match almost perfectly and gives me the much needed moisture.

I don’t find that applying Centrifushia affects the longevity of the Velvetine- it still seems to last just as long, in fact it looks better for longer because Centrifushia’s moisture keeps it from cracking or balling.


Pink Velvet Velvetine



Usually with a regular lipstick, I will conceal and powder my lips first, then line with a lipliner, filling in the entire lip and apply the lipstick over the top. With the Velvetines, I apply strait to my bare lips but tend to use a lip brush. The spongey brush tip can be a bit fuzzy to get a nice line so a lip brush help gain more precision. Then I just go over it with Centrifusia.


Pink Velvet with Centrifushia over the top

To remove this lipstick at the end of the day, I use the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser which is a oil based cleanser so helps remove the Velvetine fully. For some reason, the pink stains a lot more than the red so just needs a little more attention.

There are six other shades in the Lime Crime Velvetine range, one of their newest ones is Utopia which I am dying to try!

x Miss Victory Violet


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