The Erika Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

There are a lot of dresses on the Pinup Girl Clothing website that I have been lusting after for ages but never actually ordered.

The yellow and plum rose Erika Dress was one of them and I finally ordered it during their recent 30% off sale.

My cousin Lex of AM Photography and I teamed up one lovely monday morning in Cornwall Park to get some pretty pictures. I knew the daffodils would be in bloom and the whole park would be looking lush!

Ella's Shoot-2

The Erika Dress is the wiggle version of the popular Evelyn and my namesake dress, The Ella. Featuring a peasant style bust, fitted skirt and my favourite part… a kickpleat!

I feel so much more confidant in a kickpleat compared to a slit as when the dress rides up from walking, I don’t feel like I’m flashing my tooshie to the world!

Ella's Shoot-24


A good floral print can instantly sell a dress to me and the yellow/purple combination of this Erika had me drooling.

What stopped me ordering it for so long was just my old issue of…

‘do I size up for my hips or take the risk’.

I knew that this fabric had stretch but not nearly as much as what a bengaline dress would so I ummed and ahhed for over a year.

Ella's Shoot-38

Ella's Shoot-67

When I decided to finally order, I played it safe and ordered a size large. According to the size chart, I am a size small in my bust and waist but a large in my hips.

I had thought about getting the medium and hoping my hips would fit but I didn’t want to feel like a stuffed sausage!


I’m glad I went with the large, it is fitted through the hips but not uncomfortably so. The waist and bust is of course humungous but I remedied that by added the purple belt from my Havana Dress to cinch in the excess fabric and wear the sleeves off my shoulders.

Ella's Shoot-56

The only problem with ordering up in this dress is that the matching bolero is far too big for me!

The Erika does originally come with a small purple bow on the bust but I removed that so the belt didn’t over-clutter things. If I decide to get the dress tailored and no longer need the belt, I will re-sew the bow back on.

Ella's Shoot-44

Ella's Shoot-35

Now let’s talk about undergarments! I always like to wear shapewear under a wiggle dress and for this shoot I went with my favourite combo- The Pleasure State Ivy Rain longline bra and the Rago 6207 panty girdle.

The stockings are the What Katie Did retro seamed stockings, purchased from Rita Sue Clothing.

Ella's Shoot-20

The Erika retails for US$120 and comes in size XS to 2XL- no plus sizes unfortunately, however it’s swing sisters the Evelyn and the Ella both go up to 4XL. There are 4 other gorgeous prints to choose from, all some of Pinup Girl Clothings most popular florals.

Ella's Shoot-76

From what I can tell with my Erika and from reading the reviews on the Pinup Girl Clothing site, it seems that this dress runs true to size. Compared to size charts for other PUG dresses, this one is a bit roomier in the bust. When ordering, go by your largest measurement as there is minimal stretch.

I’m so glad to have finally ordered this gorgeous dress, I can’t wait to wear it in the summer! All I need now is some cute matching purple shoes- can you believe that even a purple obsessed pinup like me doesn’t have purple heels? Unacceptable!

Thank you again to AM Photography– first time working with you but definitely not the last!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I think it looks wonderful on you despite the bodice being too big! The belt cinches it perfectly. Wearing it off the shoulders gives it a different but delightful look.

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