Brow Power With Happy Hour Pinup

Your eyebrows can make or break your entire makeup look. Luckily the trend for brows is back to full and defined and gone are the days of pencil thin lines.

With all that said however, not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows and most of the time, especially with the pinup look, filling them in is necessary to achieve the right shape and fullness.

This can create a problem all on it’s own though! It can be so hard to get the right shape that is flattering and natural. I was so excited to try the Eyebrow Stencils stocked by Happy Hour Pinup.
The idea of using a stencil never occurred to me before but it seems like a fantastic idea!

The pack comes with three different sizes/widths and I use the fullest of the three. I’m going to show you a little step by step on how to get perfect brows using the stencils.

Start by lining up the stencil with your natural eyebrow





Press the stencil firm against your skin and using a angled brush and eyeshadow to start filling in the brow


Once it’s filled in fully, remove the stencil and touch up any parts that need it. 


Now feather the inner edges with a eyebrow brush or clean mascara wand to soften the first part of the brow. This part is important as it’s what makes the brows look a little more natural and softer on your face.



Now use a concealer brush and a bit of foundation or concealer to clean up any edges.


And repeat on the other side!



Easy, perfect brows!


Thank you to Happy Hour Pinup for giving me these stencils to try! Now that I have been using them for a couple of week, I feel confident that I know the shape I want to achieve and don’t always need to use them anymore!

x Miss Victory Violet

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