Choosing Your Pinup Name

Every once and a while I get asked how I came up with the name ‘Miss Victory Violet’ and if I have any tips for ladies wanting to have a pinup name of their own.

Back in 2012 I was doing A LOT of Lindy Hop/ Swing Dancing and one day the ladies of the Cinnamon Sweethearts asked if I could join the troupe, learn a routine and perform it with them in a week! Luckily the routine was pretty basic ‘bob and smile’ type stuff, but I also had to come up with a name!

So where do you start with deciding on a name? I’ll admit, I tried a couple of name generators but the always end up sounding pretty generic or just downright tacky!

I wanted something that represented my style and who I was and I starting throwing around the word ‘victory’. At the time, I was only just starting to get good at vintage hair and basically my everyday hair was victory rolls with my bettie bangs. I liked how ‘victory’ referred to that but it also wasn’t too overly ‘pretty’!

I knew that I needed something else and I liked the idea of it being another word starting with V to make it sound good (and I love alliteration)! My bosses daughter’s middle name is Violet and since purple is my favourite colour and the name Violet is a old fashioned name, I settled on Victory Violet.

It was a few months after that I decided to add the ‘Miss’ to make it sound a little more like a name.

Here are my tips for figuring out your pinup name-

– Try to make it unique to you/ have a meaning behind it. Start with brainstorming words about what represents you, your style and your personality and go from there.

– Play around with your real name, middle name, grandmothers name. My grandmothers names were Iris and Josie, and my middle name is Jane so I initially started with those names in the brainstorming process.

– Avoid the overdone names like Marilyn, Betty and Cherry.

– Once you decide on something, search it in google, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and anything else you can think of to make sure it’s not already in use!

– If you can’t get inspired, then your real name will be just fine! Use it in conjunction with your middle name, add a ‘Miss’ at the start, combine it with a word that represents you or just a word that sounds good!


It’s really fun to have a pinup name especially if you think you might enter pinup pageants one day or get into pinup modelling. I never expected to be where I am today and it all started when I choose my name!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you more about names, this is awesome advice!
    I think I’m finally ready to decide on mine, and hopefully using it will inspire me to keep working on my pinup looks!
    – Miss Ellie ‘Oop xx

  2. That awkward moment when my pinup name has Betty in it lol. Love you doll! Absolutely obsessed with your blog! There’s not very many pinups where I am, so I feel so at home on this site. Love and kisses all the way from Hawai’i xo

    -Betty Siren-VonSweets ❤️

  3. Choosing a name can be really hard. I went through this process not to long ago when I had to decide on a stage name. I through a lot around and when I had finally settled on the name “Rosemary Fox” I found that it had been taken by a psychic! Not the affiliation I wanted! I went back to the drawing board and wanted to do something with flowers. My boyfriend ended up suggesting “Tulip” so I looked up the scientific names for different types of tulips and found two that I liked. It was between “Zurel” and “Noire”. I ended up sticking with Noire because it seemed darker which fit my role in the production pretty well.

  4. I love this post! So cute. My name, Sara, means “princess” so I wanted to incorporate that in my name. Also, it goes with my Disney love. My husband calls me pie, hence Princess Pie was born. Might not sound overly pin up, but it’s all me. 🙂

  5. I am stuck! Can anyone offer some advise? I am wavering between Sultry Siren Sherry and something with Cathy in it. I thought of ‘Sultry Siren Sherry’ because sultry is the word I really think describes my pin-up style, siren ’cause they are the ultimate pinups and I love singing. the reason I thought of Sherry was that it is my favourite drink. Catherine is my daughter’s middle name.

    I love bond girl and pinup fashion. As a single mother of a 7mth old girl though, I usually go out in jeans, top and cardi! I write a blog and would love to make a fashion website and maybe work in fashion, modelling or hair one day. But let’s start with looking like a pinup girl! What style should I go for? I am 21, I have size 34E-34HH boobs (milk production!) 5’3ft and an hourglass figure. I have autumn leaf red ringlets. What do you suggest? I was thinking of the walkaway dress?

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