Hot Roller Setting!

Up until very recently, I had sworn off hot roller sets. The disappointment of a limp curl after all the work that goes into trying to create a hairstyle makes you never want to use them again!

However, over the last month, I have been playing around with them again and discovered that they can indeed be very useful in certain situations. I don’t bother EVER putting them in freshly washed hair- that’s just asking for trouble.


The optimum time to use them is at least on day two or three after washing my hair (I only wash mine once a week or so). Normally I’ve already wet-set my hair the day that I washed it so there is a bit of a curl already but the hot rollers work great for re-setting curls that have been messed up in my sleep.


I’ve also discovered that they are great for creating a really smooth look by putting the only at the bottom of the hair (see video at the bottom of this post). This is a really easy, quick style to do when I want to re-do my hair after work before going out for the night. It only takes about 8 or so rollers and the brushing out part is easy too!


These are the rollers I use, the Wahl Cutek Hotrolla. I’ve had them for years and they are reasonably easy to use as they have a velvet surface. It makes it much easier to wind the hair when it’s not all slipping out!


I did a little Flipagram showing the process- Watch it here!

So in summary, I do think hot rollers are a great tool to have but just be aware that if you have very strait hair, you will probably get a better curl after a day or two and with lots of hairspray.

Also another thing to remember is that the way heat styling works is that they hair needs to be sufficiently hot to get a good curl. If you have very thick or long hair, you will need to take small sections so that the heat can go right though all the hair wrapped around the roller.

x Miss Victory Violet 

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  1. I have naturally curly hair and can make my wet set last three days. Never considered hot rollers – they seem like one of those curly taboos but then again most girls don’t curl naturally curly hair in the first place! I will, however, selectively pin curl (either dry or wet) to extend the life of my set or to recurl any strands that slip out of my shower cap.

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