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In Love With Erstwilder

Erstwilder is the cutest, quirky collection of layered resin jewellery there is! Designed in Melbourne, Australia, the collection features mostly brooches but with a few necklaces and earrings too.

I got to pick out a couple of items and since I haven’t usually been much of a brooch person, it’s been really fun to work them into my outfits!

Ula the Unicorn was one of the two brooches I picked out. Why wouldn’t you want to have a unicorn?! I love the teal/aqua colour of Ula and knew she would work in well with quite a few of my outfits.




Ula is just so sweet in her mid-prance pose and sparkly eye! Most of the Erstwilder animals are ‘real’ but I think it’s awesome that they have included some fantasy animals like a Unicorn and a dragon!

The Flamboyant Flamingo necklace was one I instantly knew I needed to get! The colours and design is so cute and I couldn’t wait to wear it with my Voodoo Vixen Tilly Dress!




I also love the symmetry of the flamingos but offset by the un-symmetrical grass they are standing on… I know, it’s a weird thing to like about a necklace but that’s my OCD speaking!

The delightful Fancie Jo Sparrow was my final choice. I choose Fancie Jo because I knew the colours would be easy to match with several outfits. The colour in the wings have a slight mauve hue to it so it worked perfectly with a purple/red colour scheme.




With a nod to the Rockabilly culture, Fancie Jo can easily go with outfits and colour schemes like this, or with leopard print and polka dots!

Erstwilder is such a fun wee brand and their popularity seems to be skyrocketing as everyone falls in love with their pieces. I love how each item has parts of them that are 3D and their brightly coloured designs are so eye catching!

To find a Erstwilder stockist close to you, check out their stockist page. Also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to see all their updates and new designs!

x Miss Victory Violet

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