My Atomic Outfit!

Two weeks ago, at the Classics Museum in Hamilton, the annual Atomic Markets were held. Bigger and better than the year before, the markets are a chance for everyone to meet up, shop, oogle at the classic cars and eat scrummy food at the Jukebox Diner!

Last year we also made the trip down and I ended up winning the mini-pinup competition that was held and named Miss Classic! The competition wasn’t held again this year, instead much more emphasis was put on the best dressed comp which I got to host!

Best dressed child, man and woman!

There was lots happening throughout the day, one being that I had a mini-shoot with Tony of Handcrafted Stories.

We started off in a pop-up studio he had created and then moved downstairs to the Museum and the beautiful cars!


Photo by Handcrafted Stories

Now, lets talk about my outfit details! I love putting together a new outfit and making sure everything is co-ordinated and complimentary.

I used to get a new outfit for almost every event but now with saving, I have been making use of what I already have much more. However, with the release of the glorious Deadly Curves Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing, I couldn’t resist.


Photo by Handcrafted Stories

The Deadly Curves skirt comes in 3 different floral prints and I decided to go for the Cream Rose Floral. The skirt is a cotton/spandex blend and is unlined which makes it far easier and cheaper for tailoring.

I ordered a size XL as according to the size chart, that’s what my hips would fit into. My waist however needed a size small! So when I first got it, it looked like this…


Luckily a tailor worked her magic and took the waist in, making it a much better fit!

There are two aspects to this skirt that meant I couldn’t pass it up. One is that it has belt loops- with my big waist-hips ratio, I knew I would have to size up and get the waist taken in but I find that pencil skirts still just never fit quite right at the back even after tailoring.

The ability to belt the skirt and not have the waistband pop out from under the belt (which is what usually happens) was fantastic. I really hope PUG release the same design in some more prints or colourways!


Photo by Handcrafted Stories

The second thing that I LOVE about this skirt is that it has a kickpleat- I’ve talked about this numerous times on the blog about my love for kickpleats and the dispair at seeing a dress has a slit.

With a wiggle dress, it inevitably rides up a bit with movement and I get SO PARANOID that the slit is exposing my derrière! Having a kickpleat totally puts my mind at ease.


Paired with the Deadly Curves skirt, is the Voodoo Vixen top! This was a lot less complicated and I ordered a size small which fits perfectly.

Also, no bra. Yep… there have only been a handful of times since hitting puberty that I haven’t worn a bra. But the Voodoo Vixen top is so well constructed and well fitting that I felt like I could get away without one!


Photo by Handcrafted Stories

1457569_339424872898103_786931104516529482_n (1)

Unfortunately because the weather wasn’t nearly as nice as last year, I needed a bit of extra warmth so wore my basic green cardigan from Farmers and had some matching cardigan clips from Pop That Cassette!

She actually hand-made the little daisies and painted them to the right colour!


Photo by Handcrafted Stories

To top the outfit off, I wore a matching vintage headscarf, vintage belt, Mint Lux De Ville handbag and pink barbie shoes from Novo. Oh my OCD was happy that day!


Photo by Shifting Light Photography

It was a great day in all and surprisingly my feet didn’t die in my towering heels (the only pink shoes I could find in all of Auckland)

Well done to organiser Melanie (The Sweet Painted Lady) for putting on another fantastic event, I can’t wait until next year!

x Miss Victory Violet




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