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A few months ago I came across a small makeup brand on Instagram called Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. Now when I say small, I refer to the fact that they just do a range of liquid lipsticks. Their popularity however is far from small with over 80,000 followers!

I liked the idea of trying a alternative to the Limecrime Velvetines and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics have a great range of alternative coloured lipsticks. I eagerly ordered the 3 Witches and Purple Potion and would have ordered Spellbook as well except is was sold out at the time.


3 Witches

Postage and handling seems to be notoriously slow with PZC. The website states that there is a 1-12 day processing time but it was 3 weeks until my order was sent and a tracking number received. It was 2 weeks after that they arrived in the mail. Their Instagram account is riddled with enquiries from customers asking the status of their order.

I’ll be honest, things were looking pretty bad recently with their account not being updated in 3 months and numerous complaints from customers about orders being slow and no communication from LZC to let them know the status. I have been planning a review of the lipsticks ever since I got them a few months ago but was waiting to see how the company was going.

From what I can tell, the company is run by one person and each item handmade. From looking at the recent comments on their IG account, it looks like a lot of orders have arrived which customers were waiting on which is positive.


Purple Potion

A few days ago Pinup Girl Clothing announced that they were now stocking Pretty Zombie Cosmetics lipsticks. With them now being a stockists and knowing that Pinup Girl Clothing are a trustworthy website to buy from, I am now much more comfortable about talking about the brand and may even order some more shades to try.

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3 Witches

The lipsticks are stocked in 7 different shades on the PUG website and are sold for $12 each. The price point is significantly lower than the $20 that the Limecrime Velvetines sell for.

If you haven’t tried a liquid lipstick before, it starts off in a liquid form, kind of like a lip gloss. Once it’s applied, it dries very matte and opaque.


Purple Potion

The great thing about these kind of lipsticks is that you get a super crisp, defined line. I prefer to use a lip brush to apply for more precision but you can also apply it strait with the sponge applicator. The sponge tip for PZC is much better than the Limecrime ones as it’s less fuzzy so you can actually get a precise line.

You’ve also got to be very conscious of applying  enough to the inner lip and corners or else it can end up looking a bit weird!


3 Witches

Now what about longevity? Pretty Zombie Cosmetics are regularly compared to the Limecrime Velvetines (which are smudge proof/kiss proof) but PZC are not quite as long lasting. They say on their website that whilst they dry matte, they are not lip stains.

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3 Witches

Even though PZC are not quite as smudge-proof as Limecrime, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Limecrime dries SO matte and dry that I really struggle to cope with it for a long period of time without applying a more moisturising, regular lipstick over the top. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics have just a touch more moisture which makes them more bearable for a whole day of wear.

All in all, I think the product itself is great and now that you can buy from Pinup Girl Clothing, you don’t have to worry about waiting weeks for your order (although hopefully those troubles are behind them). The price is fantastic and the colours are beautiful so definitely worth a try!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I find the same problem with my Limecrime lippy, but a clear lip balm over the top stops my lips from feeling so dry.

  2. Hopefully PUG manages their orders much more efficiently. I ordered my lippy on 17th September directly from Pretty Zombie and they are still yet to arrive OR answer my emails 🙁

    • SO these arrived last week and I absolutely ADORE them. They go on super easy & the colours are stunning – FINALLY a red that suits me and doesn’t turn orange or pink. Hooray! Def well worth the wait x

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