Secrets In Lace Bettie Leopard Set

It’s been over a year since I did my first (and so far only) Secrets In Lace order. If you haven’t checked out SIL, you really must but be prepared to want EVERYTHING!

They have a fantastic range of vintage inspired lingerie, girdles, stockings and sleepwear and I was absolutely smitten with the Bettie Page Leopard Collection. I decided to try the girdle and bullet bra for a cute and fun ensemble.

I ordered the size medium in the Bettie Zippered Girdle according to my waist size. This was a bit of a risk as the rule of thumb with most girdles is to size up if your hips are more than 10″ bigger than your waist (which mine are). But I didn’t want to end up with the waist being too big so I stuck with a medium.


It was TIGHT… but I guess that’s what you want in a girdle right? Being used to the Rago 1294, it didn’t feel like it had quite the same control and I found it to be quite short- I would prefer it another inch or two longer. But it is well made, has good quality straps and has a zip + hook and eye combo which is always perferable.

The Bettie Bullet Bra didn’t quite hit the mark. I’m a 28-30E size for bras but Secrets In Lace only start at a 32 band (I don’t understand why so many brands don’t start smaller!). So I ordered a 32DD to hopefully compensate.

The band doesn’t have any stretch in it except for a small piece in the middle so it was quite big on me. The cups felt like the were possibly a bit small too as it felt like there wasn’t enough room at the top of the cups.

As this was my first bullet bra, I’m not sure if that’s normal, but it did feel like a E cup would have fitted a touch better. It looks great, the leopard print with accents of purple is so much fun. I just wish that the sizing was better!


The Bettie Leopard range also comes in a padded plunge bra and suspender belt. I really wanted to try the plunge bra but, once again, because they have limited back sizes, there was no point.

The purple version of the Bettie Leopard Set doesn’t seem to be available much anymore- the US and EU websites both have it available in only the bullet bra and suspender belt. However, both websites have the full range in the red colourway and selected items in the black and pink. Most of it is on sale too so a great chance to grab a bargain!

This particular set didn’t work for me for a ‘actually wearing’ it perspective but it worked great for this shoot with Zandy J Photography! To be honest, I wasn’t exactly planning on wearing the bullet bra except for the shoot so it worked out well in the end! Now if someone could open up a vintage lingerie shop in Auckland so we can try before we buy that would be fab…

Do you have any Secrets In Lace items? Share you sizing advice for anyone looking to place a order!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. I have the leopard/red set – I found the girdle has stretched a bit after a few wears, so I wish I had bought it one size smaller to begin with! I find the bra really comfy though, and well fitting (I got the plunge version)

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