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Younique 3D Fibrelash Mascara

Over the last few months, it’s been hard not to know about makeup brand Younique and their 3D Fibrelash Mascara. I’ve seen it all over Instagram and Facebook and I was curious to try it. I love the look that false eyelashes give me but I can’t be bothered wearing them everyday.

I liked the idea of something that would just enhance my natural eyelashes, which are not particularly thick and long.

The lovely Rachel of lashpassion.netย sent me the magical mascara to try. You have 2 seperate mascara wands- one is the transplanting gel and the other has the tiny fibres. The instructions say to do one coat of your regular mascara, let it dry, do one coat of the transplanting gel, brush the fibres on before the gel dries and then another coat of the gel to seal it.


The first time I did it, I was a little disappointed. Mainly because the one coat wasn’t THAT amazing, especially compared to some of the before/after pictures I had seen online. But then I realised that I didn’t have to stop at just one coat and now I do at 2-3 coats which give a much more dramatic effect!


Needless to say, from the results above, I LOVE IT! Sure, it takes me a extra 5 minutes by the time I’ve done 3 coats on each eye but my eyelashes look so much fuller and longer! When you wear a thick liquid line like I do, your eyelashes can really get lost- the 3D Fibrelash totally helps to make them stand out again.


left is 3 coats of 3D Fibrelash Mascara, right is 1 coat of regular mascara

I do sometimes get a few fibres fall onto my cheek during the day but if I make sure that I am sealing it well with the transplanting gel, it’s pretty minimal.


The 3D Fibrelash Mascara sells for NZ$40 on Rachel’s website– For someone who has only ever bought cheap mascara’s for under $20, that’s quite a bit! I do think it is worth it for the difference it makes but I’ll be interested to see how long the duo lasts. I think if it can last 3 months, then I’ll be happy!

If you would like to try the 3D Fibrelash for yourself, you can get one from! Rachel is also happy to give out samples of other Younique products (their pigments are AMAZING) and feel free to contact her regarding opportunities to sell Younique for yourself and earn some extra cash.

x Miss Victory Violet

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