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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Overly Oily Skin

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

Can you help with really big pores? My skin is oily / combined, age still under 30 (not for long). I use peeling twice a week, but I avoid creams recommended for oily skin. If they are gel texture, in 2 hours they make me more oily than my skin really is. The others have made my skin too dry, I felt absolute lack of hydration.

I’ve been recommended a chemical peeling, but I found that too rapid. I have no problems with break out, feeling too young for something that drastic.

Your skin is beautiful, any tip would do. Price doesn’t matter, I’m searching for a long time solution, not a coverage (although that might help too as an SOS).

Thank you very much, your big admirer,

City: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia

Hi Zuzana!

Great to hear from you again! (Zuzana was my first ever Miss Victory Violet submission, read it here)

Now I’m not a beautician but hopefully I can help from my own experience and some knowledge I’ve gathered over the years. I think we need to solve both the big pores and the oily skin problem you have as they go hand and hand. The pores are most likely a result of your skin over-producing sebum so you need to be using products to help with that.

Firstly, stop using anything that is for drying out oily skin or over-using a exfoliator. That could be partly what has got your skin producing so much oil. When you are scrubbing and washing away every last drop of oil/moisture from your skin, your skin will go into overdrive to try and hydrate itself again. Same goes for hair, people get stuck in a cycle of washing their hair every day because it gets oily so fast.

I definitely have a oily skin type, I’ve never really suffered from dry skin. As you’ll probably know, I am a massive Antipodes fan and there were a couple of products that just felt way too oily at first but they are so nourishing and hydrating that my skin doesn’t need to product any extra oil.

I love the Juliet Cleanser and the Rejoice Daily Moisturiser. You need to be cleansing well morning and night to make sure that your pores are blocked with bacteria and the Rejoice Moisturiser has Manuka honey extract which is a anti-bacterial.

The other issue that could be at play here is that your pores are due to a pH in-balance from your oily skin. A pH balancing toner like the Antipodes Resurrect used after cleansing and before moisturising can help to reduce the appearance of your large pores.

The important thing to remember with trying new skincare is that it will take time for your skin to adapt. Right now, it’s over-producing as the products your use are so drying. When you start using less drying cleansers and moisturisers, at first it will probably all feel like a bit of a oil-slick but you just have to let your skin get used to the fact that it gets moisture from the products and doesn’t need to produce so much oil! Don’t go back to your old products, give it time… and maybe try those oil blotting papers throughout the day.

Hope this helps! If the problem persists, it might be time to pay a visit to a dermatologist. It won’t do any harm to try these Antipodes products as it’s a great skincare range. You can buy online or find a stockist in the UK that can ship to you.

x Miss Victory Violet

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