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My Daily Makeup Application

Last week I decided to try out the Hyperlapse app by filming my hair and makeup application. What fun it is to see the 31 minutes sped up to just 2.37!

I had a lot of questions about which products I was using so here’s a breakdown of everything used in the makeup application. This is standard to my everyday routine- I will change the lipstick and eyeshadows but everything else is pretty much the same!

1. Primer (not shown in video) a mixture of half MAC Prep and Prime and half of MAC Matte Gel- More in this post here

2. Liquid Foundation of MAC Matchmaster in Shade 1

3. Set with Antipodes Translucent Powder- More in this post here

4. ChiChi Eyeshadow over eyelid- The first colour of their Nudes Palette

5. ChiChi Eyeshadow in crease and under bottom lashes- The fifth colour in their Nudes Palette

6. Inner corner with MAC Lightscapade Highlighter

7. Liquid Liner with Rimmel Glam Eyes- More in this post here

8. Mascara using Younique 3D Fibrelash- More in this post here

9. Fill in brows with matte black eyeshadow

10. Contour cheekbones, hairline and nose with MAC Harmony

11. Blush using Besame Creme Rouge- More in this post here

12. Highlight under eyes and under eyebrows using MAC Lightscapade

13. Conceal lip using MAC Matchmaster

14. Powder lip with Antipodes Mineral Powder

15. Line lip with Australis Lipliner

16. Apply lippy- Red Alert from Happy Hour Pinup

The makeup part took me about 20 minutes which was pretty good. Sometimes it can take me longer if I have trouble with the liquid liner but all-in-all, I’m quite fast since it’s everyday… practice makes perfect!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. He-he.
    This was so much FUN, darling!

    You look marvelous, of course. You’ve said it was 30 minutes, I say: it would take me AGES to do something like that. Sadly, I’m not a gifted gal when it comes to hair (so I keep mine short); and I have only some 15 minutes for hair and makeup before I must run-of to work.
    But: there’s always time for red lips. 🙂


  2. Agree with Kristina, would you be able to do more of a break down in steps of as to how you do it possibly?
    Thank you

  3. Hey I have a question! I love full coverage foundation but by the middle of the day, my skin looks patchy and dry. I have a great skincare routine and I have an oily nose and forehead with a super dry chin and cheek area. Help!!!

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