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It’s been a while now since Italian hair company Davines decided to merge their two styling ranges, Wizards and Defining, and re-launch it as ‘More Inside’.

We use Davines in the salon I work at, Killer Hair , and I absolutely love it! However, I was a little upset at first that some of my favourite products had changed! Initially I was totally resistant to it but with time and getting to know the products better, I now have a new found appreciation for them.

So without further ado, I give you my top 3 products which also happen to be great for vintage styling!

#1 Sea Salt Spray

I’ve been using this for some time now and it was the only product to not have it’s formula change when Davines launched More Inside… Yep it’s that good!


You can use it a couple of different ways. On myself and the majority of the time on my clients, I spray it on the roots when the hair is still damp. This takes that freshly washed feeling and texturises the roots to provide volume and lift. It’s a great primer for pre-teasing, I’ll always make sure I apply it before putting rollers in so that way once my hair is dry, it will hold my teasing well. It’s also great for pre-victory rolling too!

You can spray it into the roots when your hair is dry too, it just has a much stronger feel to it. I find that I’ll blast the roots with the blowdryer if I’ve sprayed sea salt into dry hair. You can also scrunch this product into the ends of your hair for a more tousled, beachy look.

#2 Strong Hold Spray

I’ll admit, I was devastated when I heard that they had done away with the old Wizards No.7 Laquer. That hairspray was practically perfect in every way and at first I wasn’t impressed with the Strong Hold Spray.



Davines have used a new nozzle that means you can push lightly to give a mist or hard for a full-on spray. My first can I found blocked up really easily and I constantly needed to run it under hot water. I don’t know if that was a dud, but my subsequent cans have not been as bad although I still prefer the old nozzle over the new.

The spray itself is fantastic, a really strong hold with tons of shine. I use it on all my hairstyles and I love the reassurance of using it on my clients hair-ups and the knowledge that it’s not going to budge! So I’ve learnt my lesson- not to judge as spray too quickly!

#3 Invisible Serum

This is a newer favourite of mine having only bought some for myself in the last few months. I felt like I needed a serum for smoothing out sets and for pre-rolling victory rolls.


The Invisible Serum has a 1/5 for hold but with lots of shine. It has just enough strength to really be able to smooth and tame frizz but without the dreaded sticky factor! It is a really versatile product, I use it on clients as a finishing product after either curling or straightening and then I can use it for my own vintage styling too.


If you live in Auckland, you can pop into Killer Hair to pick up some Davines goodies or if you live elsewhere, use their salon locator on the website to find a stockist. Davines is such a fabulous brand that’s not test on animals and uses renewable energy to supply it’s plants and offices.

If you are still learning how to do vintage hair, having good products can make things much easier. I highly recommend give these a try!

x Miss Victory Violet



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