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If you are a fan of the vintage/pinup style, then chances are you’ve got or at least thought about a corset. A corset is a fabulous and dramatic way to create a cinched in waist and hourglass figure however finding the right one can be really hard!

We’ve all seen those cheap and tacky ‘corsets’ that really shouldn’t be called corsets at all. With their plastic boning, they don’t hold their shape and can’t withstand tight lacing!

If you are going to invest in a proper corset, then you need one with spiral steel boning. A good quality corset is usually not very cheap especially if you are looking at custom made. There is a lot of craftsmanship that goes into a corset and without a doubt, a custom made one that is fitted to your exact measurements will be worth every penny. However, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on one, especially if it’s just for the occasional wear and not for waist training.

Orchard Corset has become one of the go-to corset websites for those on a budget. With a range of different silhouettes, overbusts/underbusts and colours, they have a exstensive range to offer.

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The CS-426 caught my attention as being a cheaper alternative to the What Katie Did Morticia. With it’s gored hips, it’s the perfect shape for someone like me that has a 15″ difference between my waist and hips.

The Morticia will set you back £160  and whilst it is lovely (I own a 24″ which unfortunately is too big, I should have got the 22″), I can’t see too much difference between it and the CS-426 which is a measly US$84. The Morticia does feel slightly heavier and might stand long-term wear better but for someone like me who just wears a corset for a night out or a photoshoot, the CS-426 works perfectly!


Featuring 24 spiral steel bones, a steel busk closure and high quality metal grommets, this corset is well made and very durable.

I got a 22″ since my waist is 27-28″ and it’s a great fit. I made sure to season it well (that means wearing it laced loosely to let it shape to your body) before tightening it up. In all these photos I have laced myself in and probably could have gone tighter if I had a helper. Bear in mind that this is a corset for those with a longer torso and this shape is not going to suit every body type. Orchard Corset created this video blog to help you determine if your torso is the right length for the CS-426.

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Now, remember that I do not waist train or wear these regularly so I can’t help you with any questions about that. There are some great articles on the Orchard Corset blog like this one about the difference between tight lacing and waist training.



I actually regularly commit a bit of a corset no-no and that is lacing my corset unevenly. Technically there should be a even gap of the laces over the modesty panel to ensure  a even spread of tension across the corset. I however, like to focus on cinching in the waist and don’t like to pull the bottom part too tight as I feel like that will create unsightly muffins! I also find it more comfortable for sitting down.

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The CS-426 really is a fantastic corset, especially for the price! Usually in life, the cheaper a item is, the quality drops. It’s wonderful that Orchard Corset are able to offer a cheaper alternative without compromising on quality! The CS-426 also comes in a lovely looking cotton one which would be more breathable in hotter weather.

Once again, I would highly recommend having a read of the Orchard Corset blog. They have 11 pages of insightful information including this post about determining which corset is right for your shape.

To see more photos of my CS-426 in action, check out my ‘A Walk On The Darkside‘ blog, photographed by the ever-so-lovely Elizabeth J Photography. I was also wearing this corset underneath my Monica dresses for the ‘Magnificent Monica’ post!

x Miss Victory Violet


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  1. Thanks, I have been thinking about saving up for a custom made corset. I would be the same whereas I would only wear in the weekends etc. This has been very helpful and I look forward to looking further into the above options and reading the Orchard Corset blog x

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