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I used to NEVER wear pink. With my girly style, for some reason pink just seemed way too obvious and whilst, I didn’t dislike the colour, I just never chose to wear it.

Well I now done a full 360 and ABSOLUTELY LOVE pink! I’m making up for lost time and gravitating to anything and everything in the colour.

Elizabeth J Photography and I recently teamed up at the Botanical Gardens and I put together this outfit with some new pink pieces I had acquired. We were very excited to see that the cherry blossoms hadn’t disappeared yet, it was pink overload!

Ella Webster Botanic Gardens copy329

 I’ve already talked about the Pinup Girl Clothing Voodoo Vixen top in this post. I’m hoping to pick up another one, probably the mint colour, in the Black Friday Sales.

Ella Webster Botanic Gardens copy 098


Paired with the Voodoo Vixen top is this gorgeous wiggle skit from Honey L’Amour. I got this for a steal, just $30, from her sale rack at the Pinup Bootcamp.

It’s a size small which, believe me, I was pretty surprised that my tooshie fitted into.

Ella Webster Botanic Gardens copy 040


Made out of a thick, stretch cotton, this skirt feels like it sucks me in and smooths everything out. The polka dot kickpleat made this skirt way too cute for me to pass up.

This skirt is part of a older collection but Honey L’Amour has just released her summer range which includes some similar style skirt. Follow her on Facebook to see updates and new styles!

Ella Webster Botanic Gardens copy 057

The key to any outfit I think is the accessories. They can help to tie everything together and add some colour contrast.

I went with my big pink barbie shoes and then because I love white+pink, I added some crisp white accents- the Pinup Girl Clothing white patent belt and Jacqui E cropped cardigan.

The pink bow cardigan clips I picked up at the Atomic Markets from The Electric Honeys stall and the headscarf was one I got at Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner on the road from Vegas to LA!

Ella Webster Botanic Gardens copy188

 It is safe to say that I definitely love pink now and this combo made me feel like a pinup barbie! Thanks again to Elizabeth J Photography for the wonderful photos!

x Miss Victory Violet

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