2014- The Best Year Of My Life!

What a massive year 2014 has been for me! I can say without a doubt that it’s been the best year of my life so far, full of so many highlights and achievements. With Facebook’s mediocre ‘Year in Review’ thing that is going around and feeling rather unimpressed with what it deemed was my year, I decided to do one on here instead!

So here are my highlights from 2014! There were so many other amazing times and experiences but I just picked out my top ones. I haven’t included all of the amazing photo shoots I’ve done as there have just been too many but they have been a super fun part of my year too!


January 1st– The start of

January 22nd– My Birthday! Matt and I went for lunch down on Aucklands Waterfront and then I went birthday shopping at Rita Sue Clothing!


February 2nd– A beautiful Sunday out on my dads yacht… we swum around a ship wreck and relaxed in the sunshine


February 7th– Dolly Parton with Wendy! She was INCREDIBLE and so talented!


February 14th– Pinup Girl Clothing announce that they named a dress after me!


March 15th– My hens night with my gorgeous group of friends and family. The best, most fun girls night out ever!


April 5th– The Very Vintage Day Out and winning Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014!

970720_269413916565866_6271329474902940450_n (1)

April 11th– Married my best friend Matt and became Mrs. Ella Webster! We then spent 2 nights at Hotel DeBrett and 3 nights in Hahei, Coromandel.

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April 21st– Released my first YouTube Tutorial which has now had over 3600 views!

May 18th– One epic, hilarious and just super fun girls night out with besties Alex and Elissa…mmmm curly fries…


May 25th– Received this gorgeous handmade custom suit from Devel Clothing, one of my prizes from winning Miss Pinup New Zealand!

Photo by Devel Branded, edited by Miss T Pinups

Photo by Devel Branded, edited by Miss T Pinups

June 1st– The first of 3 mini shoots I worked on doing hair and makeup for with Zandy J Photography and Rita Sue Clothing


June 16th– My first shoot with Elizabeth J Photography and the first of many more!

Heart Of Haute

June 29th– On the cover of the New Zealand Herald Viva Magazine

10428455_295819337258657_4234394304050474401_n (1)

July 8th– Got to do the hair for a Kagi Jewellery look book shoot! It had a lot of retro influences and was such fun!

July 20th– Fair welled my Mum who moved to Dublin for a new job. It was sad but I am so happy for her and her adventures!


July 27th– Lived out a dream of mine to dress up as a Disney Princess for my friend Alex’s daughters 1st birthday!

10574496_305808696259721_3376555252846502608_n (1)

August 1st– A double whammy- Matt’s birthday and the launch of the the Tiffany Curtis Pinup Calendar down in Hamilton



August 17th – Held and hosted my Mirror, Mirror: A Body Confidence Gathering event


September 4th-7th– Spent 4 glorious days in Queenstown for a friends wedding!


September 21st– Taught hair and makeup at the first of two Pinup Bootcamps and later that week shot with the always amazing Miss T Pinups!


Miss T Pinups

Miss T Pinups

October 4th– Matt and I’s 8 year anniversary… we went to The Sound Of Music!


October 18th– The Atomic Markets in Hamilton!


October 26th– A night away in out own city… Had dinner and stayed the night at Hotel DeBrett. The perfect romantic getaway!

14001_341876249319632_5612728068114961601_n (1)

November 8th– Attended the Cats Meow Burlesque show!

10675679_345732242267366_1841177730541234177_n (1)

November 17th– Featured in Adore Pinup Magazine


December 24th– Finished up at work for the year! Super proud of my year at Killer Hair and the clientele I have built up!

December 25th– How could Christmas Day not be a highlight?! Christmas is the best!


2015 is set to be another fantastic year! I wish you a Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you good health, happiness, friendships and love. I’d like to thank all my followers and supporters for their lovely comments! I’m sorry I don’t respond to everyone but know that I appreciate each and every one.

Stay tuned, since tomorrow is the blogs 1st birthday, I’m announcing a celebratory giveaway!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Wow….whew….what a year indeed. Huge congrats Ella on making the most of your year….and life. You are an inspiration. All the best for 2015

  2. What an amazing year! I read your blog frequently – I am so glad you started it. Your topics are compelling and your writing is so well thought out. I loved reading about your wedding especially, and also your posts on body image. I wish you all the best for 2015!

  3. Wow, what a year, indeed! I love this round-up post, and I look forward to reading a lot more of your posts next year!

    All the best Ella, happy new year.

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