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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Wet Sets Not Drying

Dear Miss Victory Violet,

I have some hair related questions I would love for you to answer for me!

I’ve got very thick hair which is currently below the shoulders, I usually do a foam roller set and sleep on it but recently I have noticed my hair isn’t drying – even when given extra time in the morning!

Also my curls aren’t holding very well at all. I was just wondering whether I will have to cut my hair to achieve a better set?

Or whether you have any hints or tips for me! I can pin curl but the thought of clipping all my hair fills me with dread!

Any advice would be very welcome!

City: London
Country: England


Hi Gracie!

Ah yes, the dreaded wet set that hasn’t dried properly! This can really put a dampener on your day when you’ve made the effort and set aside the time to set your hair, the last thing you want is it to be ruined!

I would suggest a couple of things to make sure that your set dries sufficiently. One is to blowdry some of the excess moisture out before putting the rolls in, especially on the ends as they will be the last to dry. I do this to ensure that my set will be dry in the morning and as long as there is still dampness, it won’t affect how curly the hair will be once set.

Another option is to get a hood dryer! You should be able to find a second hand one fairly easily or check out eBay. I would suggest that once you’ve put the rollers in, you sit under that for 20 minutes or so. This will start everything off and make sure that it’s dry by morning.


Now regarding your issue of your curls not holding. I think most of this issue will be related to the hair not being dry enough when you take the rollers out. If the hair is still damp, it will drop and frizz very easily. If that’s not the problem, then maybe a small trim could be helpful in ensuring that it’s not too heavy.

Another thing to consider is what sort of setting lotion you are using- My favourite is Tigi Small Talk. You need to be using something with hold which will also help with the frizz factor! Once you’ve brushed the curls out, use a strong hold hairspray to help stop them from dropping out.

I definitely think that your sets will vastly improve once you can make sure that they are bone dry!

Good luck!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. Oh, these are great tips!
    I don’t set my hair often (I’m still getting into vintage), but I often partly dry my hair to take out the really wet feel and just have it a bit damp when I leave in the morning.

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