Beginner Contouring

One makeup trend that seems to be popular at the moment is contouring! If you are on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen crazy looking photos like this around…

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This seems like a extreme way to contour and for anyone who isn’t 100% confident with makeup, rather daunting! I don’t think this is a practical way to contour, especially for your daily look.

I’ve never tried this sort of contouring myself but the way I contour is to use various powders. It’s much easier I find as I can build it up slowly.

I think that this is quite a good diagram for contouring, it shows the main highlight/lowlight areas although everyones face shapes are different so need slightly different contouring.


I usually leave my contouring/highlighting till last and I’ve already done my foundation base. I did a timelapse video to help demonstrate what I do and which products I use where.

For the contour- MAC Harmony
You want to make sure that your contour is a couple of shades darker than your skintone but a cooler tone rather than warm (not a bronzer). You could use a liquid foundation a few shades darker and blend it in but I find the powder easiest.
Start off lightly and build it up. Remember that this is meant to be creating a shadow so it is always important for it to look blended and not too dark.

For the blush- Besame Creme Rouge
Technically not quite part of the highlighting/contouring but I consider it a very important part. I buff it onto the apples of my cheeks and then lightly blend it up the cheekbone.

For the highlight- Starting with Ben Nye Super White Powder and then MAC Lightscapade
This might seem a little strange to use the Ben Nye Powder but when you are quite light skinned, it can be hard to find something light enough for a true highlight. I bought the Super White Powder a few years back for setting Clown White for halloween makeup. It’s become a bit of a favourite staple in my makeup stash and is great for on my eyelids when I want a nice matte light finish. I used a brush to apply the loose powder in the highlight areas then I used MAC Lightscapade which is more shimmery just under the brow bone, top on the cheekbone and a teensy bit on the forehead/nose

IMG_1708 IMG_1707

It helps to make sure that you are in good light… otherwise you could totally overdo it without realising till you look in a mirror halfway through the day! As I said earlier, the key is for it to still look as natural as possible so no harsh lines. Practice makes perfect and build it up slowly to get a good result!

x Miss Victory Violet

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  1. oh yes all this strong contouring seems to be a thing, I have only gone that heavy for the odd photoshoot as it looks quiet strong for a day to day look. Thank you for sharing xxxx

  2. I’m sorry if this is a really personal question, but are you wearing a Glamour Bunny nightie in that video and is it comfy? I’ve been looking for something like this in the US and just can’t seem to find anything!

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