ChiChi Glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to makeup, I believe that there are some things that are worth spending more money on and some things that you can get away with buying budget brands. I’ll always use high quality primers, foundations and face powders but just about everything else, I don’t think you need to drop bucket loads of money onto… it can all get super expensive otherwise!

One of my favourite budget items is the ChiChi Glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes. Similar to the Naked Palettes but about a third of the price, these palettes come in a extensive range of shades- no less than 11 different palettes in fact!

ChiChi is stocked at Farmers for all you Kiwi readers and that was where I picked up the Nudes palette a few months ago. I was really impressed with how pigmented the colours were!


I really love matte eyeshadows so the golden brown 5th from the left become a favourite of mine for the crease of my eyelid. Also the first colour is a lovely highlighter for under the brow and in the inner corner.

image (5)

On days when I feel like a little more shimmer I’d use the first colour in the inner corner, second on the lid, and a tiny bit of the 8th colour in the crease (shown above)

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Farmers and saw that they had packs of two palettes for sale. For just $40, you could get two together instead of the $30 for one and I’d been thinking of trying another one so this was the perfect opportunity!


I chose the duo of Naturals and Bronzes. The Naturals was the one that appealed most as it has some more matte colours and a lovely dark brown that I knew would work well in the crease. The Bronzes was a added bonus!


The other thing that appealed to me about the Naturals palette was that it had cooler shades compared to the Nudes one. I tend to prefer cool colours on my eyes compared to warm golden tones.

image (7)

The first colour in the Naturals palette is another highlighter shade but it’s a more white/silvery one compare to the Nudes highlighter which was more golden. My favourite combination from this palette is to use the highlighter in the inner corner/brow bone, the cream matte colour (7th from left) on the eyelid and the dark brown matte colour (8th from left) in the crease. It’s so great to have some nice matte shades!


I’ve been trying out some of the colours in the Bronzes palette to test them out. As I said earlier, golden metallics are not my first choice but every once and a while I like to mix it up!

image (6)

The above combo was the very golden colour (4th from left) in the inner corner and eyelid. Then I blended the bronze colour (6th from right) and bronze/plum colour (4th from right) into the crease.

image (4)

Then this one was a mix between palettes- I used the highlighter and cream matte colour from the Naturals palette in the inner corner and eyelid and then in the crease, I used the matte plum colour (3rd from right) from the Bronzes palette. Plums look amazing with green eyes and this shade is no exception!

All the colour blend really well and are highly pigmented. Try dampening your brush to get a even bolder look with some of the metallic colours!

So if you are on a budget or just looking to try something new, the ChiChi Glamorous Palettes are great value for money. New Zealanders, you can pick one up in Farmers, Aussies at either Target or Myer and everyone else you can purchase online.

ChiChi have some new palettes coming out very shortly including a Matte one! See the full preview here.

x Miss Victory Violet



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