Mavis & Bob Grace Dress

I love finding new brands and it’s even better when they are local ones! It’s great to see the vintage scene in New Zealand getting bigger and better with more fabulous creative people offering their take on the vintage look!

Mavis and Bob is a rather new brand and one I only discovered a few months ago. Based in New Plymouth, they make all their garments in a local factory and some items are limited runs. They also offer a custom service which is a great option for those with body shapes which are harder to dress.

Mavis and Bob have everything covered! The website features dresses, skirt, petticoats, tops, accessories, jackets and even some mens shirts! I know that Matt (or as some have affectionately dubbed him, ‘Mr Victory Violet’) would LOVE the Walter Shirt with B&W Skulls!

There are a number of dress styles on the website but the one that really stood out for me was the Grace Dress.


Halter neck swing dresses really epitomise the 1950s era when it comes to women’s fashion. The Mavis and Bob Grace Dress however isn’t just a plain old halter neck dress though… it has lots of lovely features to make it one of a kind!



I picked out the Pink Gingham version but it comes in other various colours and prints!

As you all know by now, I’m going though a pink obsessed phase, making up for years of never wearing any of it. The plain sateen style with contrasting pink gingham details really appealed to me as a lot of my dresses are either solid print or plain.


When it arrived and I opened up the package, one of the first things I noticed was the top notch quality.

I can tell that the fabric is a high quality sateen and everything about the construction and finish was absolutely perfect and well made! I was really, REALLY impressed!


I knew that with such a awesome dress, I need a awesome location to shoot it in! So Keith from Shifting Light Photography and I teamed up to get these fun shots down at the Jukebox Diner in Hamilton!

I am wearing the size 10 which fits really well in the bust but was a tad big in the waist (easily fixed with a belt!). The shirring at the back means that there is a little bit more forgiveness with sizing.


I love the detail at the bust and the contrasting straps that go right down to the waist. It’s really eye catching and the sweetheart neckline is very flattering.

The full circle skirt fabulous and I added my baby pink Vivien of Holloway Petticoat underneath for added poof! A contrasting white petticoat would also look great.


This dress retails for NZ$230 and Mavis and Bob also offer a layby payment plan! There is free shipping in New Zealand for all orders over $200 and they also ship internationally! If you live in New Plymouth then you can even go into their shop to try everything on and see what takes your fancy!

It is fantastic to buy local and support local businesses. Check out everything Mavis and Bob have to offer on their website and keep up with all the latest news on their Facebook Page.

Thank you again to Keith of Shifting Light Photography for capturing the Grace Dress in all it’s fabulous 50s glory!

x Miss Victory Violet

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